Sometimes you get so caught up in making sure your house looks pretty you kind of forget that at the end of the day, this is a place where two young twenty five year olds are just having fun!!! We dont want to make it all ‘propah’ and boring, because we have the rest of our lives to make it that. So the house usually has some fun, quirky knick knacks to make sure there is a little bit of humour everywhere we go!

For example, when you enter my house this is the first thing you will see(right after an extremely ugly entrance way which i am re-doing a the moment)

Yes, a doormat which warns the guests that there is a crazy hyper decorating lady inside this home! BEWAREE!!! Haha, i thought it was so fun, I didn’t even mind that it poked fun directly at me. No matter who enters the house , this is an immediate ice breaker..

When we were ;looking for key holders, there were a ton of really pretty , carved ones i saw. Then i chucked all those pretty ones and got this little block of green wood that says “Dil Ki Chaabi” and looks exactly like the back of a truck!!!  I love it !!! I love how funky and bright it is and how a simple thing like a key holder can make a statement! It even has that Horn Ok Please written on it!

Then we have a yummy, gooey chocolate slab thats always on top of fridge to feed our hunger pangs..

Oh wait.. thats not a chocolate slab- thats a diary!!

Haha. The diary is used for a rather unglamorous purpose of jotting down how many clothes have been given to the ironing lady, but that annoying little chore becomes a little less annoying with a chocolate diary in your life! Plus whenever my brother visits me he is like- ooh chocolatee  and then the look on his face when he discovers its a diary is just priceless. *Evil*

What is this you ask? This thing below is a rather genius invention for parties. You see this my friends is an ice tray. The ice gets formed in the shape of guitars with the plastic things attached to it like the guitar handle (is that what you call it?). The absolute genius thing about this is that its a stirrer and ice cube in one- you just drop the guitar into your drink and the handle becomes the stirrer while the guitar body is the ice which cools your drink!!!! Bring this out at a party, and people think you are a domestic diva or something :p

There are a ton of other things here and there with a little bit of quirk – but lets leave something for later shall we?

The doormat and the key holder were purchased from , and the rest of the stuff is all online shopping from those daily sales kind of websites!


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