Enliven Pro Vitamin Shampoo

Guest Post by Kritika

What do you do when your old faithful shampoo betrays you and stops working for you suddenly? Well, I for one start looking frantically for the one that will. So be it looking for reviews online or spending hours doing online window shopping. That’s the simple story of how I ended up buying this particular Enliven shampoo.

What Enliven says: Enhancing your hair – With amino vitamins keeping it healthy and shiny. NEW ! Enliven Pro-Vitamin range of haircare products have been specially created with Amino Pro-Vitamin B5 that replace lost Amino Acids found naturally in the hair and skin.  We have added the ingredient ‘Creatine’ to our products, a natural amino acid derivative that has been shown to play an important role in cellular energy metabolism.

About the packaging – I find the simplistic design quite pleasing to the eye. I agree it’s a little boring and dull but it does stand out from the regular pinks and purples. While the front portion displays relevant information about the shampoo, the rear of the bottle is an absolute nightmare to read. The directions to use are displayed in a size 2 font or something it seems. And that’s not all, the same directions to use are displayed in about a gazillion languages. So, what’s a bored girl in the shower gotta do now that reading the label of this shampoo is not an option! But, I’ve still tried to read a couple of times. The flip top lid is firm and opens easily. Definitely not like the ones you have to struggle with.

About the shampoo – The shampoo is translucent in colour and slightly runnier than the usual ones. Not that runny that it will drip down your hands and onto the floor. There is hardly any fragrance in the shampoo. You can’t really detect it. So if you are one of those who don’t like using shampoos which have strong scents, this one is for you. Of whatever scent I noticed, I can say it smelled quite clean and fresh. A pleasant clean smell, not a squeaky clean mouthwash smell..if you know what I’m saying. I take slightly more than a coin sized amount to wash my medium length hair and it’s pretty much enough, unless I’ve oiled my hair a day before and need extra cleansing. It lathers decently well, don’t expect it to lather as much as some of the creamy shampoos. I always concentrate more on the scalp than on the length of the hair especially in summers and monsoons when your hair gets all oily and greasy. If needed, I use half the coin size amount to get my head extra clean and that’s when I run it down the length of my hair. The shampoo gets easily rinsed off leaving your hair squeaky clean. You can actually feel the scalp all squeaky clean when you run your fingers through while rinsing.

Now coming to the reason I love this shampoo – I don’t know about the 2in1 benefit of the shampoo. I’ve hardly ever used it without following it up by my go-to conditioner but one thing I can say is that it HELPS my conditioner in making my hair extremely soft and shiny. There could be two reasons for that,

  1. 1.       Because it leaves your scalp and hair squeaky clean, your conditioner actually works better on your hair as compared to when you wash your hair with other shampoos that leave slight residue or don’t clean your hair that well. Or,
  2. 2.       Because it says Shampoo + Conditioner and using your own conditioner, double conditions your hair.

I would like to go with the first one because I have used the super moisturizing shampoos before that claim to condition your hair too, but never saw this effect. And the fact that, if you run a solution of water + baking soda through your shampooed hair and then apply conditioner, the conditioner works better. (For those who don’t know, using baking soda + water as a final solution for your hair after shampooing gets rid of any product residue and leaves it squeaky clean. Some people use this solution after conditioning, but I believe that pretty much beats the purpose of conditioning the hair)

The only con I can think of is, I don’t know how well it will work in winters or for those with a dry scalp. It might strip the scalp of all natural oils leaving it completely dry and itchy. This is just I guess, I can’t really vouch for this since I’ve been using it since this summer and till now, it’s been an absolute miracle for my pretty much normal hair which leans towards being slightly greasy at certain times of the year


Overall Verdict: A

Price: Rs.160  for 400ml of Qty

Will I repurchase: Yes! Yes!

Recommendation: Looking for a shampoo that is cheap and does its job extremely well rather than promising you the moon and stars? This is the one! Especially for people with normal to oily hair.

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