Its Gosh Cosmetics in India !!!

Yup, a casual stroll through Sakets DLF Place to go to Le Marche (where i wanted to pick up Chinese Rice Wine to make stir fry but couldnt find it anywhere) revealed this little black kiosk with tons of shiny and colorful products! Gosh is an international makeup brand , best known for their gorgeous nail colors and they have set up shop in Delhi! The products start at Rs 390/- but most of them hover around the 500 Rs mark..450 Rs for the nail colors, 500 Rs for the lipsticks and about a 1000 bucks for the lipglosses. What do you think about the price point? Is it tempting enough for you to pick up something from Gosh!”?

Thats quite a range haan? Not just a couple of products but that seems like the entire collection!

In other news, boy wants to host a party at home. Gulp. Now i love parties and all, but this is the first time i will actually be playing host in my own house. Its a bit nerve wracking- our cute little 2 bhk flat turning into a party playground with snacks and food and drink ! Plus me, clueless in the kitchen Mehak S. will have to manage the kitchen and tend to people as well as look pretty at the same time. Ahh, the perils of being married.

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