If you ever read a review and thought “Hmm, but i dont know if that will suit my skin tone“, then worry not girly !!! We now have *drumroll please* …The Peaches & Blush Panel !!!! *flower shower from the sky, elephants crooning, and people going crazy with applause*

What is this Panel? 

The Panel is simply a group of four   women like you and me, all of whome are avid beauty industry consumers and all differing in skin tone in type. So we have everyone from super dry skin to combination skin to acne prone skin, and from pale skin tones to dusky ones!! Every couple of weeks or so the Panel will share their favourite products, their tips and recommendations to make sure you guys shop smarter and buy things that are suited for your skintone!!! Once in a while there will also be a guest panelist- a makeup artist, an industry insider or simply a fellow beauty blogger to just add in some fun!

How did i chose this Panel?

After shortlisting 1000’s of applicant i finally narrowed it down to these 4  with huge difficulty. *Cough*.  That basically means i scrolled down my BB list and picked 4 smart women who  know more than a thing or two about beauty and would agree to be my guinea pigs !!!

Who are the Panel Members….



*Edit: Eshas skin in Combination-Dry, Acne Prone and Sensitive. Just pointing this out for reference now. Will edit the banner later.



Follow me if: You have wheatish skin tone, around NC 35-40 and your skin behaves mostly well with a few dry bouts

Follow Esha if : You have  pale skin  (NW 20-25 ) but badly behaved acne prone one, that she somehow manages to make look flawless

Follow Priyam if: You are dusky in skin tone (NC 43.5 or more), and want to look like an earthy, indian goddess while still keeping acne prone skin at bay

Follow Sanjana if: You are somewhere between wheatish and dusky (NC 42),  dry skin  and you are on a college budget

Have a question for the panel members? Want to know differing opinions on something? Let me know in the comments below and that can be the first discussion item for the panel!

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