Jordana Eyeliner Pencil in Chocolate Review

Guest Post by CSP Ballal (Light Skin tone, Normal to Dry skin)

Claims about Jordana 7″ Eyeliner Pencil:

  • Rich, Dense Color Resists Fading
  • Smudge-Proof
  • Lines, Defines, Accentuates
  • Smooth-Glide Formula
  •  Stays Put in All Weather

My take on Jordana 7″ Eyeliner Pencil:

Being an eyeliner buff, I am always tempted towards pencil eyeliners, and this super affordable one from Jordana tempted me enough to purchase it !

A long sleek wooden pencil with a transparent plastic cap is the look of Jordana 7″ Eyeliner Pencil. The color of the pencil wood is made similar to the eyeliner shade so you can easily identify which shade is which pencil.

The Jordana Chocolate Eye Pencil swatches a dark brown on the wrist ,  But on the upper lash line and lower lash line, the color is hardly visible. One swipe will only give you  a dim faded color of brown tint. I swiped this pencil  at least 7 times for the color to show up as in the picture. I had to almost hurt my sensitive eye skin (Ouch!). It does glide well, and is smooth on application but because of the weak pigmentation you do end up using some amount of this. Moreover then once the sharpness wears out, sharpening the pencil is required. This way you end up wasting some product.

I stared and stared at the brown it had shed on my wrist. I grumbled to myself why the pencil is so stubborn on my eyelids. I became more stubborn than the pencil. I somehow wanted the pigmented brown on my eyelids. I wanted a thick broad jet deep brown on my eyes. And I thought of my Nivea cold cream on my eyelids, smeared some and moisturized my lid and under eye skin. I reached out to my Chocolate pencil and swiped 4 times. Whoops……..I got the color I wanted. No, this time the swipes did not hurt at all. I was pretty hard while swiping too, because at any cost I wanted to pull out the chocolate brown.

So, with the cold cream I made the brown bow to me. But there is always a fear of color creasing on the eyelid. This may not be a good idea to carry out during summer. But as of now, I am going to enjoy the chocolate brown this monsoon.

Verdict: C

Price: Rs 99/-

Recommendation: The Jordana 7″ Eyeliner Pencil in Chocolate is a dark chocolatey brown but is very weak in the pigmentation deparment. Though it  is smooth and glides well, you can only get the deep color you see in the arm swatch if you go over your eyelid atleast 5 times. Definitely not something i would recommend you to do over your delicate eye area.

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