Lakme Eyeconic Mascara Review

If you have a husband who is currently glued to the screen and saying  “Chalo Chalo Boys, Irfan bus swing kar yar “ as if he is the Indian captain himself raise your hands ! And while i was glued to the screen too, i noticed something else that no man watching cricket will ever notice . Ever seen Zaheer Khan’s Lashes? Those full, curvy ones? Can someone tell me which mascara he uses please? Is it fair to be born with such lashes when we women struggle to get that curl and volume with mascaras like the Lakme Eyeconic Mascara which only recently launched!!!

When Lakme came out with Eyeconic, i was REALLY excited. If there is something thats due from lakme over the years, its been a solid good mascara . I cant remember a single one which really made the mark you know so eyeconic with all its fancy shmancy packaging, i really had high hopes from.

Encased in a sleek,  curvy black tube is this slightly squiddly looking curved brush that promises to give you the curves you have always wanted ! What i found was that while it did lift up and curl my lashes, and it seperated and gave definition to each of them, it required a lot of layering for much volume to show up. The brush was also a bit too long  for me, and maybe im a clumsy oaf but i always ended up with mascara bits on my eyelid because of the awkward length. Another word of advice- do not go and immediately bat your eyelids with this mascara on, because you will literally turn into a bat. I mean, this doesnt dry quickly at all, so any quick movements post application might result in a bit of a mess.

But its not all bad, the eyeconic mascara definitely makes my lashes look more prominent, more defined and blacker. It is very waterproof even though it doesnt specifically mention that (So if India loses, you can cry buckets with this on). Infact for an everyday basis, this is actually pretty good-it doesnt clump AT ALL, and ultimately it only claimed to do two things-curl, define and blacken which it does really well.

Before Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara

After Lakme Eyeconic Mascara: See the black bits on my lid? That wand is too long.



Verdict: B+

Price: Rs 250 for 9 ml

Recommendation: The Lakme Eyeconic Mascara claims to do only two things- curl and blacken , both of which it does well. It does not clump at all, lasts long , defines and seperates each lash and is relatively waterproof. Im not a fan of the length of the wand – im too messy with it, it requires a LOT of layering for any volume, and it takes ages to dry. Having said that, for a regular everyday mascara this is a decent buy.

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