Does anyone here know of any baker/pattissier/ young hotel management graduate / person who likes cooking who will be willing to join a fun new venture in Delhi ?. If you do, then PLEASE let me know and shoot me an email right away ..i might just have an exciting job opportunity for them. More on that mysterious statement a bit later , but right now lets focus on a lip gloss that looks a bit like the color of warm, peach biscuits !!  Part of the Heavenly Creatures Collection, Mac Cremesheen Lipgloss in Celestial Kiss promises to give you an  ‘Out of the World’ Experience. The last kiss that gave me an out of the world experience was my first kiss with the boy Hershey’ Chocolate and Almond Kisses so this one has high standards to live up to. (Psst: Its a good thing he doesnt read the blog ! Heehee!)

Mac Celestial Kiss is such a pretty, nude peach when swatched. It even has these invisible micro shimmer particles that glisten softly making it look like the perfect celestial lipgloss for creatures on Earth and beyond !!! It is incredibly pale though, so it works well for lighter skintones creating a perfect peachy lip for them. On Medium to dark skintones, this is a nice nude lipgloss- i wont wear it on its own but when i want to tone down Mac Crosswires,  or when i want to add a bit of more gloss to Mac Hug Me , or when i want a heavy smokey eye, i reach for Celestial Kiss to grace my lips!!

Mac Cremesheen glosses are so creamy and gorgeous i dont know why i never got more of these. They are more pigmented than the regular Lip Glass formula, they are completely non sticky and glide on with a whole lot of ease.They last an okayish amount of time of about 3 hours but ill be honest with you -most glosses dont last long on me anyway.  Plus, these are completely non sticky which is why the staying power is a bit lower but thats a trade off i am willing to bear. I like non sticky glosses !What i dont particularly love is that sometimes in these lighter cremesheen glosses they can tend to apply a bit patchy but thats me being incredibly picky!



Overall verdict: B+

Price: Rs 1400/- approx

Dupes: Nyx Mega Shine lipgloss in Smokey Look is similar but with more shimmer

Recommendation: Mac Cremesheen lip gloss in Celestial Kiss is a beautiful peachy nude that will look stunning on the lighter ladies. Darker girls can definitely use this as a nude layering gloss, and i am honestly in love with it for that purpose ! Makes ma noood lips all glosssy and shineyy oooh!!!! Lighter Cremesheen glosses like these though do tend to apply a bit unevenly, and they dont last as long as the Mac Lip Glasses but then these are completely non sticky , more pigmented than your average gloss and very moisturizing! I quite like the formula otherwise.s

Disclaimer: Product sent by brand. Honest Review Pinky Promise

PS: Do email me about tht baker thing haan?

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