Mac Pro Eye Makeup Remover Review (The Purple Bottle)

I kind of pity the groom on the wedding night. You see, these  grooms get married during the evening to this beautiful Indian princess but they come back at night to hotel rooms with a girl with  black streaky tears , smudgy  kohl everywhere and hair that is standing up 90 degrees vertically on top of their head (the back combing is a b*** – you will be surprised your hair could actually do a backflip and stand up straight like that) And while that hair thing is kind of unavoidable, the former can at least be made a tad bit better with the right makeup remover. I learnt this lesson when i went for a makeup trial a couple of days before the wedding- i just could NOT get the thing off. I don’t wear much makeup at all usually and all that heavy-duty foundation stuck to my face no matter how much of the Forest Essential Sesame Oil i used. After a mild panic attack, i got myself this purple bottle from MAC and now im so happy i did!! Not only does it match with my decor (haha) , but i highly HIGHLY recommend it to Brides to be. You need a Mac Pro Eye Makeup Remover in your life ladies!

Mac CLaims ” A mega-effective remover that lifts off every look – from delicate to dramatic – without smudges, tears or aggression. Pro-quality, yet decidedly gentle; calms, hydrates and soothes skin with cucumber extract. Makeup can be immediately reapplied. A favourite of busy models”

I may not be a busy model, but i sure am a busy professional cum beauty blogger cum trying to start a zillion things at one time type of person and yes, this is absolutely amazing. Heavy duty eye makeup is removed within one swish, and even waterproof mascara will only need just about two swipes of this amazing thing! I like how it doesn’t dry out my skin excessively though it doesn’t really’ hydrate and soothe’ like it claims to either! Makeup can be immediately re-applied infact and all in all this is one handy makeup remover to have around.

Ofcourse 1000 bucks on a makeup remover is a big deal but for me, I find it totally worth it atleast for the wedding. On an everyday basis you don’t really need a heavy-duty makeup remover but if you have a major event coming up- a wedding, a dance show or anything like that- go out and buy this !

Mac Pro Makeup Remover: After one swipe on long stay lipstick, eyeshadow and waterproof mascara

After two swipes

Verdict: A+

Price Rs 1000/- i think

Recommendation: The Mac Pro Eye Makeup Remover is by far the best makeup remover i have tried. It’s not just for the eyes, i pretty much use it everywhere and i highly recommend it to brides to be who need a good remover to remove the layers of makeup on their big day ! Expensive yes, but honestly- totally worht the money!

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