If you grew up in the nineties, Captain Planet and his Planeteers were probably your first introduction to saving the environment! Each Planeteer signified Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Heart and i cant help but think Mac Water Mineralize Eyeshadow would have been the perfect logo for em ! I can definitely see bits of Earth, Wind and Water in it and to top it all off i heart it ! (Psst: Raise your hands eyeshadows, if you still remember the Captain Planet theme song. ) .

The thing about these  mineralize eyeshadows is..its so easy to have an ‘Óooh Shiny’ moment with them you can kind of get hypnotized with the swirls of colors! This one called Water is a bright, shimmery mint green with swirls of rich canary yellow, and rich velvety midnight blue. The yellow and the mint kind of combine to give it a rather chartreusey-lime green look, but when used them seperately they retain the colors.


When swirled together- this is what it looks like !

You can use these mineralize eyeshadows dry or wet, and i MUCH prefer these wet. I thought water significantly improved in pigmentation when it was wet. When dry it had okay pigmentation but it became opaque when wet. The texture was nice and smooth either ways, but the fallout which was a bit of an issue when dry, dissapeared when wet.  Water has tiny silver shimmer specks in it, which give the shadow an ultra shimmery look when applied. If you like shimmery eyeshadows you are likely to love water, but personally im more of a sheen girl.These last a pretty long time even without a primer and they dont crease on me which is half a miracle! I think these are very handy when travelling because you can use three colors in one- you dont need to carry extra shadows to create a cohesive look.

Sorry for the bad picture. Thats the green part of mac eyeshadow on the lids, with yellow in the centre and the blue swirl used in the outer corner.

Verdict: A-( Wet ), B  ( Dry)

Price: Rs 1350/-

Recommendation: Mac Water Eyeshadow is a swirl of shimmery green, lemon yellow and a rich velvety blue. its a great festive eyeshadow to have because you can create green/blue eyelooks within minutes and without any other eyeshadow. Mac Mineralize eyeshadows work best when wet, because the pigmentation is pretty poor when dry and water is no different- the opacity and the fallout issues improve by miles with a little water on water !!

 (Psst: Captain Planet, Hes the hero..gonna take pollution down to zero ! Hes the Power Personified, and hes fighting on the planet siiiideee…Hehe. Wheeler was my fav. Yours?)

Disclaimer: Sample sent

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