Maybelline Pink Blossom Color Bloom Lip Balm

Guest Review by Fizz and Lorr (Medium Skin tone, Normal to Oily Skin)

Being a college student and a big fan of bright lip colour kinda sucks. Also, being a college student and a fan of lipstick, not lip-gloss, is just as bad. Every time you try to rock some bright lip colour, the first thing most people say when they see you will be something like, “OMG, is that lipstick you’re wearing?” And then all you can do is cover your mouth with your hand and feel like a sinner. Um. Not the best feeling. (Lol- i remember when i was in college, wearing lipstick was like ewwwww- Editor)

BUT. If you’re wearing lip balm, whatever it looks like on your lips, nobody cares. “’Cause it’s just lip balm!” Exactly why Maybelline Color Bloom Lip Balm in Pink Blossom is my best friend.
The Colour:  Well, as far as the ‘blooming’ is concerned, this stuff works. It first applies as a sheer coat of pink and then turns into this fantastic, strong pink colour on your lips. If you keep reapplying from time to time, it can actually get decently bright. Some people MAY not quite like how vivid the colour eventually gets (some people like my mum), but I certainly love it.
FYI- I was so in love with this that I went out and bought Peach Blossom too, which is the peachy shade (the only other one available. Boo.) And it was a complete fail. That one does not have ANY colour payoff. It’s a tad bit more moisturizing, but that’s about it. (I have peach blossom, and definitely a fail- Editor)
The Texture: I love how this feels on y lips. It’s not the most moisturizing lip balm around, but good enough for summer months. It DOES leave a weirdish pink residue on the lips sometimes, after long hours of wear and reapplying, but I’m not complaining too much. The glossiness of the balm dries up to a nice matte finish in a while –quite like a lip stain/tint, without drying out the lips.

Verdict: A-

Price: Rs 99-120 depending where you buy it from
Recommendation: I love this Color Bloom Lip Balm from Maybelline and am on my second tube (tube?) of it. I like that I just have to slap it on and it makes me look alive. It’s like my little magic stick. If you’re into things like that, you should give this a try (don’t judge by your possible experience with Peach Blossom). Besides it’s quite inexpensive, so no crazy spending involved here.

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