Makeup Academy Professional Glitter Ball Pallette

Guest Post by Ria

Have you ever had an eyeshadow palette that had 12 great shades at the price of 1? Look no further!! Heres Presenting MUA 12 shade Glitterball Eyeshadow palette.

Description-All our beautiful palettes come with 12 complimentary shades so you can pick and choose for a variety of looks. They’re a soft, blendable texture that glides on with ease. At just £4, you basically need them all…

Don’t be afraid by the name of this palette – it merely describes how sparkly the shades are! They’re glittery but they’re not completely full of glitter so they wont fall down your face or cheeks when wearing. There’s an assortment of colours from blues and blacks to purples and pinks. This palette can be worn softly in the day time but also built up for effect in the night. Karla Powell Head of Makeup Artistry recommends using it with the Poptastic palette aswell for a punch of colour! By mixing the two you’ll create the best wearable look with a pop of colour too.

Packaging- it comes in a standard palette packaging with an applicator.


My View

The most amazing thing about this palette is that mostly all the shades have great colour pay off, is easy to work with and the colours are amazing. As the name suggests, all the shades are glittery and some more than the other. With glitter eyeshadows we have fallout problem and I was surprised to see minimal fallout with this palette.

When used with a primer, these lasts easily on my eyes for more than 6 hours.

Let me describe the shades from top row left to bottom row right:

Black- highly pigmented. It has been swatched just once. Has some glitter.

Peach pink– Peach pink with some shimmer

Green– Almost similar to the 5th shade in the top row which is a paler version.

Blue– nice pigmentation, easy to work with.

White with a hint of gold, one of the more glittery shades

Pale Pink– again shimmery and the texture is kind of hard to work with.

Copper– one of the best shade among all, has glitter and perfect for an Indian wedding look

Silver, kinda taupish with very little glitter

Brown with hint of glitter and like black, highly pigmented

Silver– nice pigmentation and very soft texture

Silver Plum- another great shade in the palette.

MUA Glitter Ball Pallette Swatches

All the shades can be used wet as well as dry.


  • 12 shades in one palette
  • Nice colour pay off
  • Not too glittery
  • Many wearable looks can be created
  • Does not crease when worn with a primer
  • Very cheap


  • Applicator is useless
  • Can only be ordered online
  • Some shades are hard to work with
  • Some fallout

Rating- B+

Price–  £4

Availability– can be ordered online at

Recommendation– If you want 12 workable shades at a cheap price then this is a good choice. Also MUA has many more palettes at the same price and even if you go wrong with it, it will not put a dent in your pocket.

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