When we returned from our Honeymoon in Europe, we entered our cute little 2 bhk flat that looked like this:

Hmm. Not exactly a romantic abode to walk into! See, the boy had only just moved to delhi before our wedding and he had been living in this house for just about 10 days before we left to get married so we literally had to set everything up from scratch when we returned, managing work and decor side by side. (It was like work during weekdays, decor during weekends) We are still in the process of doing it , or rather im still in the process (The male brain thinks that a house just needs a sofa, bed and table) , but here is a little update on what has been done after 2 months. Here is what it looks like today:

Most of the walls are still empty, and there are those little corners that i have a ton of ideas to experiment with and hence the Decor Diaries, i thought some of you may want to know where i purchased everything from. As usual, everything is quite ‘budget’ and not lavish!

Here is where i bought some of the stuff from

    • Sofa Set: Rs 35000/- from Home Town in Ambience Mall Gurgaon/ TGIP Noida (I honestly just bought them because it was the cheapest thing in the store that i thought i could work with. I like spending on accessories and not so much on the big things i guess. The downside of this sofa set- it emanates heat like a pressure cooker!!!!! I think its the fabric, so im going to get some nice throws for this! Hey atleast it will be warm in the winter time no?)
    • Center Table: Rs 5000/- from Amar Colony Furniture Market: I dont know if you guys are into vintage colonial furniture but if you are then Amar Colony Furniture Market is a must visit . It has tons of quaint pieces with tiles, mirror work and carved stuff that you get for VERY cheap. You find the same things in Khan Market designer stores for 10 times the amount!
    • Two CornerPof different heights: Rs 3200/- combined from Lifestyle Home. These were actually telephone stands but i just used them as display stands. The lower one has two porcelain cats (we named them DC and DDC…because when i asked the boy what he wanted to name them he very oversmartly   said “Dont care”and “Definitely Dont Care”. HA LOL…so i just named them that. Though now that i think of it, Poor Cats !!!)
    • Mirror: I drove the boy MAD with this mirror because carved mirrors were coming in my dreams. Ours is from a shop on MG road and it was very cheap – Rs 4500/- or so ! Since i literally made him spend an entire day searching for mirrors, he forces anyone who enters the house to talk about the mirror so he can explain the torture he went through.. *rolls eyes*
    • The Accessories: The cushions are from two shops in Mega Mall DLF, one is called Area and one is called Home.The two goblets on the centre table are from Good Earth in Select City Walk Saket. The purple vase with pastel colored flowers are from a shop called Pure in DLF Ambience (i LOVE this store). Also the purple rg is from Lifestyle Home too!!! That costed another 4K
  • TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT: Approx 56K ( I thought that it QUITE a low amount for the stuff we got no?)
    Please ignore the random silver trash bag on the left- its a project im working on. Shh. Top Secret.

Things left to be bought/ Ideas for the living room

  • See that corner in the right, i want hanging lamps there. Like those morrocan lamps- silver and turquoise or silver and deep purple with little fairy lights inside. I saw some at Good Earth but they were too expensive so i let them go. Now they haunt me in my dreams so im going to hunt down a cheaper alternative. I also thought i would get a high console there but thats kind of boring. What i also considered was this gorgeous ornate Easel i saw- yes easel! It was all carbed with rose tiling and instead of a painting on it i thought id frame my marriage photo and put that on the easel. Would be quirky and fun no?
  • Paintings that i shall paint: yes i paint, or rather i used to when i had time to breathe. The right wall needs a painting
  • Another purple item- maybe purple cushions for the right sofas to tie in the purple of the vase and the rug.

More detailed photos with close ups of interesting items shall be coming in soon, let me know what you want to see in the decor diaries ?? I have my dining area still left to do , my bedroom is totally bland but little nooks and corners are being filled in as i speak type.

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