Meet Neha

 Neha was one of the first brides to write to me, and once i read the write up, i knew i HAD to feature her. Its not often that someone opens up and talks about their vulnerabilities and insecurities the way Neha did. Hear Neha’s story.A girl currently living in Houston who recently got married to the love of her life. She talks about her slight weight gain, her experiences at her wedding and a ton of tips for Healthier brides.

Marriage: Love Marriage

How we met: Our story is written by Karan Johar we met and separated (when we were in 5th class) and then met became best of friends (in 9th) and then separated (in 10th) and then met again in (11thand 12th) and separated (after school) and then finally we met again (after our graduation) to never separate (that was cheesy). So it all started when we were 10 years old in class 5th. Fortunately both of our parents forgot to pick us up after school, so while we were waiting on them he read my face and surprisingly brought me a pastry and therefore ofcourse he was my first crush.  After that we never met o talked and thendestiny brought us together again in May 2007 when we met again online and we started having overnight conversations and teasing fights and finally after finishing our higher studies from US and working for 1 year we got married in Feb 2012 in a resort close to Indore MP India. Currently we both are working and living in Houston.

 My Wedding Story: Being a Healthy Bride in India

 As I was working in the food lab as a quality assurance manager,  I was not allowed bring my own food but we were provided the food from my company which of course was unhealthy most of the times and that caused me to gain 25 pounds weight although I was hitting Gym everyday but the diet part was all messed up.  I tried really hard to lose some weight but not too much. Therefore I did my shopping keeping my body shape in mind but I was reminded that a little too much when I was in India for my shopping. Every sales person would tell me- “ Mam ye aapko nahi aayega apke size me available nahi hai” .Eeally u don’t have any unstiched lehnga for me coz I won’t fit into it? Although I am a very strong and confident girl but as I was  pinpointed so many times on my weight I cried several times on the shops but somehow I maintained my poise and decided no matter how I will make it work for my dream. These are the things that I would suggest to brides of my body shape…

  1. If you are heavier on the top part of your body choose a corset pattern blouse to cover any extra bump ( like I wore on my Engagement)
  2. If you are heavier on your  belly area, avoid wearing your lehnga in the center of your belly, instead tie it a little higher at the shortest part of your waist this will cover your belly fat and also if you have small legs it will give you  an illusion of having longer legs and a good height in general.
  3. If you are over all heavier opt for a corset style blouse and wear your lehnga right where your corset ends and try to have a tighter fitting till top of your things and then you can have huge poof this will give a longer and lean look
  4. If your concern is your arms try not to wear short sleeves blouse instead opt for a ¾ or a full sleeves it will not highlight your heavy arms instead a full length sleeves will give an illusion of longer arms

 Wedding Day Mishaps

–          So this can only happen with me, u know how they say something or the other would go wrong on your D-day well, for me  there way too many of those. So zips of all of my 6 blouse decided to take the day off on the respective days when they were supposed to work. So my aunt and cousin had to sew it manually for me

–          Do you think that was not too bad, listen to this, the day all the events started I woke up with my chest and belly filled with pus rashes because of the allergy caused by body wax or spa and I can’t take any allergic meds otherwise I would be drowsy the whole day and I had to wear those blinged up blouses and heavy jewelry

–          And if all that was not enough, I had 1 more bad memory of that day which later turned into a great one. You know how every girl dreams of that one day where she will be the princes/ bridezilla, and will be pampered and loved and basically the most important person. Well for me the reality was way south from that dream. No one I repeat “no one” complimented me on my wedding day that I am looking beautiful…Except ofcourse my husband. Who held my hand while I was babbling about how everything went wrong that day and told me shut up and said u r the most beautiful women I have ever seen and I’m in love with u again… and trust me that look in his eyes will stay with me forever it was so pure. And I closed my eyes and only enjoyed the moment as I was with him and my family and friends and hence I have all my pic with my biggest smile trust me that is not fake.



Engagement Outfit: 60K

Yellow and red puffy lehnga from Millionaire Bombay (20K) I just wanted something yellow and accidently I saw this lehnga in millionaire asked its prices and I fell in love with it Some good places to Start your hunt as all of these stores have a good online collection just to get the feel

Pista Green and Maroon Wedding Lehenga from Frontier Raas (1.5 L approx)

One thing i would have done differently: Chosen a half up half down hairstyle for the weddin for a younger look

Some good places to Start your hunt as all of these stores have a good online collection just to get the feel :

MUMBAI: KIMAYA, Millionaire Bombay, Seasons India, Aishwarya design studio, Barcode91Kalkisarees, &Vasansisarees.

Delhi: Aza, Frontier bazar, Chabra 555( for small event outfits), and rest Mehak knows better

Jewellery: mostly, art karat, sonoor (you can check out the collection online for all of the stores I have Mentioned. And Santacruz Bombay from  sajni jewelery.

Make-up artist – Shruti Bajpai from Indore her fb page is Shruti Bajpai Makeovers, She has done Pune Lakhme Fashion week and some celebrity cover shoots. .  She has packages according to what company you would like to use for example her Mac package is 4000K but Chanel, Dior, YSL product package it 15K. but in the end for me it was around 20 K

Photographer: Alif Studio Indore (affordable and not too bad ), some other good ones are Dev’s photography, Arts Royale.

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