Philosophy Purity Made Simple Facewash Review

Guest Post by Vijetha

Sometimes I feel like staying away from all unnecessary chemicals and going natural with my skin. Products from Philosophy, TBS and a few likes always make me come back to the cosmetic/skincare world! I’m entwined! Do you also go through such times?
Apart from the rave reviews about Philosophy products it’s the beautiful lines on their products that made me buy my second Philosophy product – a face wash called,  Philosophy Purity made simple.
Product Claims –  

  • Deep cleans pores and eliminates make-up
  • Hydrates as it melts away makeup
  • Contains deep cleansing agents
  • Natural oil extracts help condition skin
  • Fragrance free formula
  • Contains a proprietary blend of extracts for a unique, fresh scent

Now, I have a very complicated skin and to add to the trouble I live in a climate-confused city! Generally speaking, I have a good skin but BUT it sometimes gets dry, sometimes gets oily at the T zone and sometimes gets dry n patchy around the mouth area. The city of Chennai its generally hot yet it’s dry and sometimes humid too. AaaRRghh!! I hate the complexity! Hence, my definition of a good face wash/cleanser is effective in cleansing all impurities and non-drying.
With the above background to the situation I & my skin are in, I’ll review the product purity made simple cleanser by Philosophy.
My views – To begin with, this  Purity Made Simple Facewash really washes off all the dirt, sweat and makeup. That’s one reason I’ve been using this as a regular facewash these days. I don’t wear much make up but still need a good facewash that cleans my face really well after gymming in the morning and at the end of the day. It also cleans light foundation, blush and eyeliner quite well. This is really a plus for me as I sometimes get lazy to get a cotton swab and wipe of the liner.
I’ve been using this product for over two months now and I used it everyday (twice a day). It has not made my skin very dry and doesn’t make my skin cry for moisturizer after washing. This facewash lathers moderately and using the right amount is important. It comes in the pump bottle. I use a very little when not wanting to remove makeup. It has not broke me out nor my blackheads have increased or decreased.
I love the ingredients for they are so unique and worth a try. Those who love scented facewashes may not find this great as it has a very organic and gentle smell. Pepper seed extract is used in this facewash and I think that giving a distinct favour to this product. I actually like the smell for it lightly smells of green peppercorns.


  • Uses a lot of natural extracts
  • Fragrance free
  • Non-drying ( compared to many many facewash products that I’ve used)

Cons –

The only con I can think of is the availability


Rating – A-

Price – around 1000Rs for 236 ml

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