Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Prepping for the Party- Lip and Eye Palette

Guest Post by Lapanika (Wheatish complexion, combination skin)

 If you were in the College, in the late 90’s Vengaboys had their chart topping song “We like to Party!” a crazy van with these ultra-fit, skimpily dressed band members singing and dancing. All of my friends then used to try imitating those hideous interesting dance moves, apparently none of us looked like we belonged to the Vengabus, rather a bunch of crazy people let loose from the asylum. But maybe if we had used the Sonia Kashuk’s Prepping for Party pallette, we would have looked like a bunch of pretty, crazy people instead of just crazy people huh? (Lol @ Vengaboys..Gosh…what about Braazeeeelll la -la-la-la-la. That even made it to all the weddings of that time !!- Editor)

CONTENTS: 6 Eye shadows and 6 Lip-glosses

ABOUT THIS BRAND:I always have heard good stuff about Sonia Kashuk products. She is an entrepreneur who is well known in the fashion and beauty industry and in the late 90’s began her cosmetic line with the retail store Target. Her makeup brushes are very popular among Youtube gurus and makeup artists.

MY EXPERIENCE: I leaped when I saw this product on clearance sale. I wanted to buy her makeup brushes but I could not hold myself back to try this pretty palette. Some people may find the packaging similar to the NYX Eye-shadow palettes. Moreover, I believe instead of buying single products like an eye shadow, a lipstick it is cost effective to invest in a palette which gives you variety of products and you can always mix and match. The first thing to notice is , it has colors which belong to the neutral color family. The eye shadows comprise of iridescent silver, a matte rose pink, a taupe, metallic grey and a deep lavender with micro shimmer. The lip-glosses are dusty rose pink; lavender pink, red with glitter, deep plum and a similar shade of Maybelline’s hooked on pink. No names of these shades have been given, which I don’t like. The staying power for the eye shadows with a primer is 6 hours and for the lip glosses is 2 hours (without snacking). I love the buttery smooth texture of these eye shadows are. The lip-glosses are slightly sticky but I guess that’s what increases its sticking power. Couple of the eye- shadows are pigmented and some are not, which applies to the lip-glosses as well. The swatches will help you decide whether you like this or not. This palette has a little booklet with 3 looks – Shape of the season, softly contoured sparkle, and a festive Smokey eye.


Pros  of Sonia Kashuk Prepping for Party Pallette

1)      Love the texture of the eye shadows and lip-glosses

2)      Sizable quantity

3)      Inexpensive for the quantity and number of looks one can mix and match

4)      Love the packaging

5)      No chemical fragrances


Cons  of Sonia Kashuk Prepping for Party pallette

1)      The colors are not that pigmented

2)      Can be expensive if you buy it at  the regular price


Verdict: B-

Price: I got it for $13.98 .Normally it is priced for $17.98

Recommendation: If you are person who likes to have a separate “party palette” and love a Smokey eye, this one won’t disappoint you. If you love bright colors ,  and want ka-boom pigmentation then you can miss this one. If you have the Urban Decay one – do not look at any other palette!!

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