Street Wear Luscious Lip Color  in Pink Wood

Guest Review by CSP Ballal (Light skin tone, Normal to Dry skin)

Streetwear Claims “The Luscious Lip Color applies smoothly on lips without emphasizing lip lines while keeping them soft and supple. It leaves lips feeling moisturised, smooth with a stunning finish”

My take on Streetwear Luscious Lips Lip Color:

The Streetwear brand has quite a few ranges of lipsticks and  Luscious Lips Lip Color is one which falls just about midway (neither good nor bad) in my opinion. The phrase ‘Luscious’ gives me an idea of wet moisturized look of the lips but actually the lipstick does not give any wet or luscious  look that i was hoping for.

The texture of the lipstick is really nice, you get a  feel of lip balm being applied. The lipstick glides very well on the lips spreading out the color just perfectly.  Even if I use it directly on my bare lips, it did not settle on the lines nor did it get clumped on my dry lips. Initially after applying, I found my lips moisturized to some extent but once this fades, my lips start feeling a bit dry. The staying power however  is extremely poor at just about 2 hours. Though it leaves a pretty tint on my lips, 2 hours is really the maximum you will get out of this if you are looking at full blown color.

The packaging is a standard twist up steel color plastic case. There is no way you can identify the color of the lipstick when the cap is shut on the tube. No indication of the color on the package as well. Either you have to memorize the name of the lipstick or open the cap and peep into the lipstick tube for its color. For a lipstick hoarder, this is a major bummer.

Pink Wood shade could be named only as Wood. Because the color when on lips does not show any pink on my lips. It is more of brown tone that looks very bright on my fair skin. But, the tint it leaves behind is definitely earthy pink.  Its a color that a lot of darker people will carry off stunningly well.

Verdict: B

Price: Rs 350 for 4gm

Recommendation: Pink Wood in Streetwear Luscious Lip Color range is more ‘Wood’ and less ‘Pink’ – a nice chocolatey, peachy brown and  a great shade specially for darker girls looking for a natural lip color , and for lighter ones in search of a nice brown that doesnt look dull. This Luscious Lips Color range is just about ok- i feel in the same price range you get much better variants of lipstick.

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