So the 4 of us got together on a lunch date (Read: BB Chat)  and discussed the rather burning question of which lip products we are currently loving these days!

I say “My favourites change every month, im fickle like that. But currently iv gone back to using a whole lot of Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Papaya . Using that everyday  , but other times when i want pink i go for Deborah Lipstick #19 . Im woefully short of good lipglosses so i definitely need more..thinking of getting those Clinique Chubby Sticks- lip balm +gloss for everyday wear.


Esha Says” Im loving this sheer, coral Chanel Lipgloss i have. Its the Chanel Brilliant Levres no.68 lipgloss, and its a gorgeous soft coral pink! Very effortlessly pretty” . 



 Priyam Says “Im in LOVE with Mac Taupe Lipstick for everyday. It might look like a very boring brown, and maybe on light skin tones it will look like a boring brown but i love how natural it is on my lips. I can wear it to work, it covers my pigmented lips and gives a polished natural matte effect. I also love Mac Spite Lipglass for everyday wear – its this plummy , pink brown “
 Sanjana says ” Im liking Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick in Strawberry Margarita, which is like a My Lips But Better kind of shade for me! It accentuates the natural color of my lips.When i want a nude lip, i turn to Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Bronze Shimmer which i love because the shimmer doesnt spread to the rest of my face and its non sticky!”
 Other Random Conversations between the 4 drama queens after reading the Introduction post:
Sanjana:  “WOOOHOOO Im on the internet!!!”
Esha  “Omg Mehak this is so exciting, so many questiionns , & I hav so many answers. When do i start answeringg all of these?????”
Me “Soon, soon!
Priyam “Hain, i dont understand how the readers can ‘follow us’ . I mean, it not facebook or twitter or something that we can be ‘followed’ ???
Me “Üffff i meant that they can follow your recommendations”
Priyam “Oh acha, yayie!”

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