Top 5 Early Morning Makeup Items

 Post by Guest Blogger Ash

In the morning-between snoozing for an extra ten minutes or spending time applying and perfecting my makeup-I would rather snooze.This means I need a 5 minute makeup routine-something that’s simple quick,easy and still makes me look presentable and professional.

Here are my top 5 must have early morning makeup items.

1.Concealer-Cover Up : Benefit Erase Paste and Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer

Cover up everything-The pimple from 3 months ago which is long gone but has left a mark, the late nigh re-runs of friends which seem a good idea at 1.30 in the night but invariably leave giant panda circles under the eyes-Blemishes,marks,spots-everything- Be gone! My favourite concealer is the Benefit Erase paste-I use it under the eyes as it has a slightly pink undertone.Earlier I used to use it on my blemishes as well but over the past few weeks have switched to the Mac Prolongwear for my blemishes since it has a more yellow undertone and matches my face skin tone better.

2.Guerlain Meteorites:Get glowy!!!

I always thought that the Guerlain meteorites was an extremely over-hyped product until  I tried it and fell in love.Using the meteorites leaves you with the most subtle soft shimmery glow-The kind of glow you get when you just get up in the morning after a great night’s sleep.Now its one of my holy grail products.

3.Benetint:Add a little color

Though the benetint can be used as a cheek and lip stain-I primarily use it as a lip stain.It gives a subtle rosy pink stain stain to the lips and looks extremely natural-The best part it lasts a good 3-5 hours depending on whether you apply gloss on top or not.

4.Mascara:Open up the eyes.

Clearly when it comes to mascara I have a problem-I keep buying new tubes without using up the old ones but a simple swirl of mascara on the lashes can open up your eyes and make you look awake.

5.Peter Thomas Roth SPF

I love SPF I hate the white cast it leaves-The solution to my problem-SPF on the go in a tube.This Peter Thomas Roth instant SPF powder is perfect for those quick outings after lunch or when you head from one meeting to another-its simple,its easy and its extremely convenient.

What are your favourite 5 makeup products?


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