OKay so yes iv postponed this for ages. Its not a good idea to go get married when you have a giveaway on ha? Hmm, will keep that in mind the next time..not that there will be a next timebut you know…

Without further ado The winners of the Loreal Goodies are:

First prize goes to Meenu who said Lór Electric is Electrifying  because it  makes me her  become “Hawa Hawai” (Bijlee giraaney main hun aayi….) .  Haha ! That made me laugh!

Second Prize goes to Roli who said Lór Electric is Electrifying Because it made her feel and look fabulous. She even added a tag line- Wear Lór Electric and shock  the world with your beauty.

Winners please email me at peachesandblush (at) gmail (dot) com with your phone numbers and addresses!!!

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