Thank you guys for the over whelming response to the Bridal Shopping Service in Delhi i had written about some time back !! After doing this for about 9 months now, and working with Indian brides from NY, Australia and Canada to name a few -we finally have our own website ! You can read about the service at – . We have now actually extended the service to not just lehengas and outfits etc, but a range of other things and we span Delhi as well as a couple of cities in Punjab but these are on a case to case basis and on request..

Its a new website, so there might be a few broken links here and there but overall all i want to say is YAY! If you have anyone from outside of Delhi coming down here, you know who to refer to right?????

Will  i be posting about the experiences and shopping outfits we bought for my clients? Well  again these are trousseau outfits and a lot of them are not comfortable sharing those on the internet, so only if some of them are okay with it i definitely will!

Please also like our facebook page : . Would mean a lot thanks !!!

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