Bourjois Hi Tech Lip Tinte Rouge Futuriste Swatches & Review

Guest Post by Sktribal

A few years ago, I found about lip tints/lip stains. I was fascinated by how long they claim to wear while being extremely light on the lips. I looked for lip stains for me to try out, but at the time, lip stains were not very widely available and the even the ones that I could find were ridiculously expensive. I relentlessly searched the internet and found a lot of good reviews about this range but by the time I knew about them, they’d been discontinued in India. Finally, I found an online shopping website selling the Bourjois lip tints. I jumped with joy and placed an order for the Rouge Futuriste variant because of I love coral lip colours.

Rouge Futuriste is a beautiful coral with a hint of red in it. The more layers you apply, the more prominently the red shows up on the lips. The stain is packaged in a small plastic bottle with a plastic top. The stain is a thin gel and the felt tip applicator provided in the bottle can be used to comfortably apply the stain to the lips. The colour feels light on the lips and once it dries up, it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all on your lips. The stain isn’t especially drying but if your lips are already a little dry, then the stain will make them look a little parched. This dry feeling can be countered by using a tiny amount of clear gloss on top of the stain after it has dried up.

The wear time of the stain is not as good as I expected it to be but then most coral lip colours wear for fewer hours than the corresponding red/pink shades. The colour lasts for around 3-4 hours with meals in between. The interesting thing is, if you eat even a full course meal within 2 hours of the applying the stain, then the stain doesn’t fade even a little. But by the fourth hour, the colour starts fading irrespective of whether you eat/drink or not. Overall, the Bourjois lip tints are a good choice for you if you want to experiment with lip stains. At Rs 475 for 8.5ml of product, it’s pretty inexpensive but you may not be able to find it in stores because it has been discontinued in India.

Rating: B+

Price: Rs 475

Final Recommendation: The Bourjois lip tint in Rouge Futuriste is a beautiful coral coloured lip stain that wears well for a few hours even with food and drinks but doesn’t last all day. If you don’t like lipgloss/lipstick, then you can try this for its texture that feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. I’d recommend this for the gorgeous colour and texture (or lack of it) but don’t expect the colour to last all day.

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