Colorbar True Gloss in Nectar Orange Review

Guest Post by Sktribal

The launch of the Colorbar true glosses really excited me. The colours were  beautiful , they claim to be long staying and the packaging is really sleek and chic. I waited for some bloggers to review some of the shades before I jumped in and bought some for myself. But around the time Colorbar announced a contest on Facebook where you could win a true gloss voucher. Guess what? I won! So, I got the voucher and went to the nearest Colorbar store and swatched the shades. Earlier, when I read a few bloggers’ swatches of this range, I thought I would like the colour Coral Craving the best; I thought Nectar Orange would be too red for my liking. But in the store, Coral Craving was really neon and I knew it would look strange on me. The other colours were all too bright/pale so I ended up buying Nectar Orange which incidentally looked less red in the store lighting.

Nectar Orange is a bit of a chameleon. When I swatch it on my hands it looks like a bright coral. But on the lips, it looks different under different lighting. In natural light, it looks like a bright coral with a bit of pink and red tones to it. Under artificial lighting, it looks like a coral red. The true glosses are really thick (quite unlike most glosses) and pigmented. You must exfoliate your lips before application otherwise the colour will settle into lip lines. A lot of bloggers have claimed that the true glosses wear an ultra long 8-9 hours on them. I however do not find them to wear so long on me. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but whatever I do I cannot make them last more than 4-5 hours on me. Around the 5th hour, the colour fades to a patchy stain. I’ve tried applying a thick layer, exfoliating my lips before application, not rubbing my lips together…but nothing seems to work in making the colour last beyond 5 hoursL.


Rating: A-

Price: Rs 495

Final Recommendation: The Colorbar True Gloss Lip Gloss in Nectar Orange is a beautiful, extremely pigmented coral lip gloss that wears really well and is easy on the pocket especially when you consider the quality. There are a lot of pretty colours and I think everyone should try out at least one shade from this range !

(Editors note: What a Gorgeous color !!! Im drooling!)

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