Here is something that i launched a while back, but am now formally announcing on the blog!

Whats all this about?

So you are an Indian Bride  living in London (or anywhere else really), but don’ t like any of the Indian Bridal Outfits available there? Or Maybe you have fallen in love with an Indian outfit but have no clue how to get your hands on it? Or  you have actually found your dream outfit where you live but it is 2 times as expensive internationally as it is in India (This happens btw) ? Or you have made up your mind to travel to Delhi for your bridal shopping but are clueless about where to start and what fits your budget? Well, rest assured because the P&B Personal Bridal Shopping Service ensures that we put the Bride back into Bride zilla!!!!!

Err. Okay. So What do you really do?

  • Have an initial consultation over phone /email / in person about your requirements, budgets, tastes, colors, sizes. We guage what you like, what you dont and EXACTLY what you need , how soon you need it and how affordable you want it for. We then help you own the bridal trousseau of your dream by shortlisting  outfits from an exhaustive Vendor list from small south delhi boutiques to narrow lanes of old Delhi to the biggest designers in the best malls, to the lesser known ones in West Delhi. Believe me when i say this, we have something for EVERYONE!
Bridal Trousseau of my dream huh? How EXACTLY do you acomplish this?
  • If you are NOT visiting India for Bridal Shopping we shop on your behalf showing you pictures, styles, prices over the internet . We then scout for the trousseau or outfit you want , arrange for you to talk to the designers to carefully explain everything you have in mind , ensure that sizes and colors are as per what you order and ship it to you. If you are sure of what you want, we can try and hunt down that particular designer and get you that outfit, else we can shop for something similar. Its THAT simple.Our Tie-ups with a number of boutiques accross Delhi, ensures the best experience.
  • If you are in India or Visiting Delhi for Bridal Shopping – Depending on the package you choose, we take you personally to the vendors which fit your budget and styles for bridal wear. We understand you have a LONG shopping list and a limited time  so we ensure you get the BEST bang for your buck and for your time!!! Apart from this, we also coordinate with vendors regarding trials & alterations, pick up your outfits once they are ready (incase you want them custom made) , and ship them back to you (If you are no longer in India at the time)
  • We also give you a binder full of Information!!: Right from the best place in Delhi for blouses, to where to get the prettiest bangles, to where to buy waist belts, to bridal accessories, real jewellery,  Sarees, Suits, Lehengas, Makeup artists, Photographers. THE WORKS ! This ensures that your trip to Delhi is completely worth it!

Ahh.Personal Bridal Shopper Huh. Sounds Fancy. Must be Expensive !

  • Not at all, we have EXTREMELY affordable rates. Contact us at peachesandblush(at) gmail (dot) com to know more.
Do spread the word, this is something i have been doing for the past 1 year  now with brides, but didnt want a formal announcement till i was sure i am going to do it full on.

PSSST: Remember when i said there was something in the silver bag that you saw in my drawing room that was a secret project i was working on? Well that was secret project #2, that shall come up soon too! This is secret project #1!!

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