Booyah!!! Sounds like something my 3 year old niece would say (Well actually, im her bua, but since she cant say that she says Booyah!!!) , It also sounds like the sound that comes out if you put your index finger horizontal on your lips and move it up and down but its Mac’s hot new lip color from the Beth Ditto Collection!!  .This one girls, is a stunning one if you are not scared of flaunting bright orange lips. I have to admit i am a little bit, but i still wear Booyah- just a light swipe and not totally full power *hides face*.

Booyah-The Color

The thing about Booyah is , that even though its a bright bright – totally out there orange, its not neon so it is not unwearable. Having said that though it is a true bright soda pop orange without any hint of pink or brown in it so be prepared to have truly orange lips ! Mac Morange lipstick is a tad warmer, and brighter than Booyah but they are sort of similar anyway. This is a color that the warmer skinned girls will carry off better, cool and pale skin tones might look like OOmpa Loompas with this on ( I do too to a slight extent)

Thought on the Mac Pro Long Wear Lip Cremes

I love the sleek cylindrical packaging of the Mac Pro Long wear lip cremes, even though i have to admit that i miss the pointy tips which give me greater precision in application. Booyah was extremely pigmented , and opaque in one swipe. It had a good glide and slip inspite of being a matte lipstick , so its creamy in that sense. It lasted for ages as well- 8 hours with ease  ! On the flip side though i did feel like my lips dried after some time, and wanted some moisture on top!!! It might also accentuates some flaky skin on your lips so scrub before you apply!

Mac Booyah Pro Longwear Lip Creme: Worn Sheered

Worn full on.


Recommendation: A-

Product:4/5, Pigmentation:5/5, Texture:3.5/5, Longevity:4.5/5, Packaging:4.5/5

Price: 1350 ? Not sure.. Go ahead and correct me pls!

Recommendation: Mac Booyah!!! lipstick is a bright, bright soda pop orange on your lips ! If you arent afraid of rocking bright colors  go ahead and get this one. The Mac Pro Longwear Lip Creme is a good formula-it is opaque in a swipe, it glides easily and is easily one of the longest lasting ones iv tried. It does dry out a bit on the lips though, so balm up your lips before you apply.

PS: I so know you put your index finger to your lips and tried that thing! 

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