Russian Red may sound like the pseudonym of a local stripper (Come on it does!- next on the Pole- Miss Russian Red!!!) but if all the Mac Lipsticks were featuring in a movie, then Russian Red would be the lead actress with a lot of superstar tantrums.  It sits there, right amongst all the other sidekicks in the Mac store all nice and shiny, knowing full well that it is THE most popular and talked about red lipstick of  current times. Rightly so, it has graced the lips of probably every celebrity in Hollywood as they sashay down the red carpet.

So whats the big deal about this lipstick?? Thats kind of what i wanted to know when i bought it- it was almost like a collectors item. Sure- it was a vivid true to heart pure red! Though most people feel Russian Red is a neutral red, i think its more of cool toned red honestly- but it isnt icy cool in the sense that its unwearable for warmer skin tones. I still think a lot of skintones can carry off this red, but if you are a deeper shade than me, and have much warmer tone to your face you do run the risk of looking like a blood thirsty vampire . If you are one the slightly fairer and cooler toned though, Russian Red will look super duper stunning on you. Pulled back hair, fresh dewy skin , a wee bit of eyeliner and a pop of russian red-its hard to get a sexier look!

In terms of the texture Russian Red mimics most of Mac Matte Formulas. It is ultra pigmented- one swipe is enough to cover any sort of pigmentation on the lips. It lasts for ages – i get a good 7 hours out of russian red without any sort of fading and it doesnt even transfer onto surfaces after a while. The formula is not very moisturizing though, after about 2 hours of comfortable wear i feel the need for a chapstick- which is not the case of all Mac Mattes. Mehr for instance wears beautifully, without any dryness discomfort.

 Here is an FOTD with Russian Red Lipstick


Price: Rs 990/-

Recommendation: Mac Russian Red is a cult red lipstick and looks great on a range of skintones. Warmer skintones do run the risk of looking a bit vampirish with this on because its  a tad blue based, but test it out for yourself-i feel it still works on my warm tone. For cooler skin tones, i think its hard to find something as great as Mac Russian Red- its just a beautiful true red that does suit moew people than any other red lipstick iv seen. It lasts ages, is super pigmented, though a tad bit dry.
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