You know Delhi Winter is staring right down at you when the taash party invitations start flowing in, when you can start seeing that faint mist in the air late at nights, when you feel the urge to just wrap your fingers around a cup of cappucino  and when your husband acts like a freak covering his head in aweful monkey caps (wait, thats just my husband). Another sign of winter-your lips start feeling just a bit less kissable and Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Lolita aims to envelope your lips in soft, cushy, fluffyness. Okay it doesnt claim to do exactly that, but just the word baby lips gives me that warm, snuggly, snuffle -bunny feeling!!Mmmm…

This is what Maybelline Baby Lips does claim to do :

  • No more basic lip balm
  • Visibly renewed lips and 8-hr hydration
  • The secret: Exclusive lip renew formula with SPF 20
  • Protects and moisturizes lips for a full 8 hours
  • After 4 weeks, lips are visibly renewed and reborn
  • 7 varieties

Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Lolita is pretty much your basic lip balm with a very light pink tint to it. I love it because it smells like Bubblegum and it keeps my lips super soft and moisturized.  I like how it doesnt just sit on your lips,  and doesnt feel all thick and heavy like your lips have a sweater on but glides on smoothly , and provides a thin veil of cover while still keeping them soft and supple. The SPF is an added bonus. and it lasts for about 3 -4 hours unlike its 8 hour claim but this is what any other lip balm lasts for long as.

I cant really comment on on the lips being ‘visibly renewed and reborn‘ (they are really milking this baby thing huh?) but it does the job of what a good winter lip balm is supposed to do !!!! Make em soft, supple and cushioned and keeps them smelling great. Not much more that you ask for from a lip balm right?

Left: Bare Lips , Right: With Maybelline Baby Lips

Verdict: A-

Price: Rs 125 for 4 gms

Recommendation: Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink lolita is a rather yummy bubble gum smelling lip balm that keeps your lips soft, supple and moisturized with a faint pink tint. I love how smoothly this glides and that it moisturizes without feeling heavy or waxy on the lips. Definitely a keeper for winters!

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