Hey mehak, Priyanka here. Im a hugeeee Fan of karisma kapoor and i loveee the lipstick shes wearing here. can u please help me with the colour here and name a few brands which may have this colour?

Hmm, a soft pastel-ish yet still up beat pink for Kareena? Maybe, Maybelline Pink Petal could be similar- thats soft and cloudy like this one, and on lighter skin tones it would look like what Kareena is wearing but on darker ones it will probably wash em out. For darker skintones wanting to try a soft pink then Revlon Colorburst Blush is quite nice for a delicate, pink lip! Guys, any suggestions for this lip color – any from MAC? I know Mehr looks similar on me, ┬ábut its a bit lighter and more pastel.

EDIT: Oh i just realised, Priyanka asked about KARISHMA’s Lipstick Ha! Mac Show Orchid for Karishma, definitely that or Mac Spitfire!!! Two really great plummy purply pinks!!!!

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