Sleek i-divine Au Naturel Eyeshadow Pallette Swatches & Review

Guest post by Priya R (Light Skin tone, Normal to dry skin)


Product Description: Sleek MakeUP’s legendary i-Divines are 12 shades of high-quality, super-pigmented eyeshadow, suited to every skin tone.

My Views:

Recently I decided to get my first ever I-divine Eyeshadow Palette from Sleek Makeup. Having read so many reviews online and deciding out of ample of options available in the I-Divine range, I decided to play safe by ordering the Au Natural Palette. I personally wanted to have a palette with a blend of warm & neutral shades, so got this beautiful palette. I ordered mine online at and it got delivered to me in 20 days via Royal Mail Services (there was no tracking ID, I prayed every single day for it to reach me safely but sadly when it did reach me, it was kind of broken and doesn’t close properly). (Editors Note: Just a caution to everyone, sleek has not delivered me my  own palette inspite of me repeatedly following up with them, and they are not answering any emails/calls either. Either you get lucky with them or you dont !)

I had very high expectation from Sleek Makeup and I am kind of depressed with what I got. The Au Natural eyeshadow pallette consists of more matte & less metallic eyeshadows. The entire first row except the “Taupe” is poorly pigmented. The texture of the first 5 shades in the upper row is very hard and it takes lots of effort to swatch it. “Taupe” is the only color in the first row which is decently pigmented. Thankfully the bottom row is very well pigmented and easily shows up on the hand/eyes. But I feel most of the browns are kind of repetitive in the bottom row.

The well pigmented colors do not crease for a good 8-9 hours with a base. Without a base, it starts creasing in 3-4 hours. The entire last row is impressive in terms of wear time, non-chalkiness & pigmentation. These colors gets picked up easily with a brush without leading to any wastage or crumbling.

First Row:
1. Nougat – light matte cream shade

2. Nubuck – matte light grey shade

3. Cappucino – matte light yellowish brown shade

4. Honeycomb – matte beige shade

5. Toast (light beige-orange shade

6. Taupe – metallic golden yellow shade

Second Row:
7. Conker – dark maroon-red-purplish shimmery shade

8. Moss – golden olive shimmery shade

9. Bark – dark grey shade in matte finish

10. Mineral Earth – dark brown shimmery shade

11. Regal – dark purple-pink semi shimmery shade

12. Noir – dark matte black


Swatches of Sleek Au Naturel  Eyeshadow Palette : Top Row

Swatches of Sleek Au Naturel  Eyeshadow Palette : Bottom Row


  1. Price
  2. Good combination of neutral & dark eyeshadows
  3. Includes shimmery & matte eyeshadows
  4. Dark eyeshadows are well pigmented & easy to apply
  5. Sleek packaging


  1. Neutral shades are chalky & badly pigmented. Most of the first row is unusable since they don’t show up.
  2. Repetition of dark shades : They are not very unique in their own.

Verdict: B-

Price: 9.99$ + delivery +customs

Recommendation: Overall, the Sleek I-Divine  Au Natural Palette is balanced in terms of matte & metallic eyeshadows & also in terms of neutral & dark eyeshadows. This palatte can multitask in creating looks for office wears, smokey eyes, deep-dark looks but overall quality is not so great given that the first 5 shades are almost useless – the pigmentation of the neutral shades is poor and they appear extremely chalky.

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