Want to see the ugliest entrance way possible into a home? Check out what you see when you enter my house ,and I cant do anything about it. The annoying thing is that this little alcove has so much potential, but there are serious limitations to what I can do with it because of two thing:

  • There is a huge ass ugly invertor kept here which cannot be moved anywhere else. Firstly it weights about 40 kg, and secondly it needs to be near the mains of the house.
  • Moreover, the invertor HAS to be in that ugly white plastic  thingie because it emits fumes. The fumes corrode wood, and everthing  else except plastic so I cant just put it inside a pretty wooden box.
  • There is a switchboard which controls the electricity of the house and once again nothing can be done about it! Ugh! Aweful.

So here is what i did

  • Bought a console which just about fits on top of the invertor (It’s not an ideal situation, but at least your eye doesn’t directly hit the invertor)
  • A pretty mirror (yes i love mirrors) goes on top of the switch board to hide it
  • A vase with flowers sits on top of the console and kind of ties the two items together. This is the same vase i showed in the drawing room earlier, but im going to get something similar here as well!




This floral mirror was an impulse purchase. I was travelling to Ludhiana to meet family and saw this little shop there, with the cutest things ! This set me back only 900 bucks !

The carved console is from Amar Colony Furniture Market. I liked the floral detailing on the tiles and the cute knob. You cant see it in this picture but the edges have small mirrors as well This costed : Rs 4500/-

Artificial flowers and vase are from PURE in Ambience Mall Gurgaon. Absolutely love this- its the same vase in my drawing room!  Price: Vase costed about 700 i think, the flowers another 1500 Rs !

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