1.Chanel Harmonie Du Soir Eyeshadow Pallette is just luxurious gorgeousness in a box ! The quad contains a silky baby pink, a pinkish copper, a rich bronze and a pale yellow gold !! I dont even know if ill use the colors that much, but just the packaging has me drooling!!!

2.The  ‘Cocktail ‘ Cocktail Ring: Get it? A cocktail ring in the shape of a cocktail!!! Is that a margarita? Its just bloody brilliant- give me one so i can wear it all the time!!! And when people ask me if i would like a drink, ill just raise my finger to my mouth and say-i already have one (Cheesy but awesome)

3.Falguni & Shane Peacock Outfit:Saw only the back of this outfit and kind of fell in love with it! Im a sucker for floral threadwork and i love the pastel pink. Very pretty and girly!

4.Charlotte Olympia Pink Scent Clutch: Oh so you thought this was a perfume? U thought wrong girl, that is a clutch ! Im in love, i NEED this but i have no idea how to get hold of it in India. Im just amazed-who knew – a perfume shaped adorable pin clutch

5. Falguni Mehta Strands of Polki : For the longest time, iv wanted a multi stringed necklace-with polki and pearls. I didnt find exactly like the one i wanted, but this comes sort of close. Its really one of the most elegant polki sets you can own- a couple of classy strings with pearls and rubies that will never go out of style!

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