I say “Hmm, not much of a skincare enthusiast but currently im using Nivea Visage Face Wash for Normal to Mixed Skin. I have no idea what ‘Mixed Skin’ is actually, but its a nice everyday face wash. I do feel my face feels a tad bit stretchy after usage, but nothing i cant handle”


Esha says” Im using the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Face Wash & Mask. If i skip using this even for a day, i get a tiny little pimple the next morning!. Hmph”

Priyam says” Im using the Dove Deep Pure Facewash- the one in the Blue packaging. There are VERY few skincare products that dont break me out and this is one of them”

Sanjana says” Im using the Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser which is decen for everyday. But when im feeling i fancy i use my Forest Essentials Face Wash”

General Banter Amongst the Panelists this week:

Priyam (After Reading about the Mac Indian Lipsticks Launch): What is this Mac India launch? Why have they named a lipstick tabla? Why will i want to buy Tabla- is that the only name they could find? Tabla? But Pretty colors na?

Esha (After reading last times Panel Post): Im going to have make my recommendations sound more fancy and exciting next time like the other panelists. Hmph.Btw, i Looove your Bridal Shopping in Delhi Service ! Best of luck!!

Sanjana (After making a face about the looks of my site): Im sorry, but like you REALLY need to work on the graphics of P & B theyr horrible. Ill make a new logo for you.

Me: Okay, ill pay you in makeup items :) :)

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