Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Gel Review

Guest  Post by Priya R. (Light SKin tone, Normal to dry skin, Acne Prone)
Product Description:
SKIN TYPE: Oily, Acne prone Skin
ACTION: Removes dead cells and unclogs pores
 RESULT: Opens pores,cleanses and purifies skin from deep within.
HOW TO USE: Apply to the entire face avoiding the eye contour. Rinse thoroughly with clear water.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Glycolic acid, Glycadone,Dermostim
TEXTURE: Gel wash

My Views:

I have been a Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser, loyalist for about 2 years & completely swear by it. My skin simply refuses the touch of any face wash and breaks out immediately in case of any other face washes. But since August 2012, Neutrogena Face Wash suddenly stopped working on my skin. I got acnes that were just so stubborn that whatever I tried on my face, they refused to leave my skin, made my skin their permanent residence! And then I switched to Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Gel, which was recommended by my dear friend Preetha.

Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Gel comes in 2 variations – a 100 ml tube form which is in green translucent color & another version 200 ml version comes in a green translucent bottle with a pump dispenser. I personally like pump dispenser for “Gel” face washes. It gives control over usage and avoids the risk of running out when opened as in case of tube packaging.
The gel like consistency of the face wash lathers well and does the job of getting rid of dirt and impurities excellently. It does work well on unclogging the pores too. Since, I have a dry skin, I need to immediately moisturise it after washing or it feels patchy & tucky. The fragrance is very fruity and pleasant. However, after using it for a month it didn’t work on my acnes. My acnes showed no sign of leaving my skin which is kind of a bummer. This face wash does contain my secret ingredient of “Salicylic Acid” which works on acnes and had worked on my skin in past but this time it failed.

After reaching half-way through the tube & seeing no effects on acnes I have finally given up on this face wash and currently I am using one which is recommended to me by a dermatologist.


  • Effective on dirt & impurities
  • Unclogs the pores
  • Nice fruity fragrance
  • Tube packaging will last over a month easily
  • Contains essential ingredients which works on acnes
  • No paraben/No soap/No alcohol


  • Price
  • Tube packaging is not convenient for gel consistency face wash
  • On my dry skin, it gave a dragging feel
  • Did not work on my acnes

Verdict: B-

Price :Rs. 440 for 100 ml
Rs. 990 for 200 ml

Recommendation:Inspite of all the positives listed above, the Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Gel still did not help my normal to dry skin in getting rid of acnes, so I wouldn’t recommend to it gals with my  skin type. It gives a dragging stretched feeling to the skin, but  It could be effective for oily/combination skin gals but you need to try on your own risk! I would suggest getting a sample sized bottle from the Vichy counter before making a purchase.

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