Day 3 of the ongoing Willls Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2013  Spring Summer saw the likes of the ingenuous Gaurav Gupta, the ultra creative designer duo of Dozakh, seasoned designers Anupamaa Dayal and Nachiket Barve. I loved Nachiket Barves play with colors and designer duo Dozakh’s gorgeous use of lace and ombre in dresses!

 WLIFW 2013 Spring Summer : Nachiket Barve

Nachiket Barve showcased a collection inspired by the Spanish Americas- Argentina , Peru, Bolivia and Guatemala. There was a riot of colors on stage,  taking ethnic clothing and giving it a global treatment. I quite adored the vibrancy of this collection- the Hacienda inspired Color pallette,  he usage of two unexpected colors together and the abstract prints worked together to create Spanish Flamboyancy on fashion week runway!



The SS/13 Collection ‘HACIENDA’ is inspired by the colours and aesthetics of the exotic houses and estates of Southern Americas under the Spanish influence, as well as the local textiles, flora and fauna. Some of these centuries-old dwellings have been bought, restored and redecorated by a sprinkling of Artists, Philanthropists, creative people who have not only breathed new life into these Haciendas, but also created a new lifestyle; at once decadent, tasteful, relaxed, and thus become tastemakers and influencers.

Silhouettes that have a global-local feel and surfaces and fabrics that reflect a touch of the ethnic are married together with ease and with a sense of the contemporary context. A touch of the 50s silhouette with full skirts and pleats, cut away and slashed yokes, transparent paneling, peplums, shorts, trousers both slim and palazzos are juxtaposed against multi-paneled jackets, pencil skirts, Bermuda shorts, bias cutting and a new spin on the choli for saris. The saris themselves have multiple parts that fuse together in an explosion of pattern, colour and construction including pre-pleated saris. Looks that consist of statement separates are styled together for an eclectic bouquet of details, silhouettes and fresh glamourous day to evening pieces.

The sense of style and the DNA of the label have been consistent yet constantly evolving right from the first collection shown, when the label was launched in 2007. The backbone of the label is innovation, effortless elegance and a quiet sense of restraint. There are certain elements that one associates with the label: Colour, Cutwork, textures, layering, appliqué and a sense of effortless chic. These are pieces that are unique, original and fresh additions to the wardrobe of the chic fashionista anywhere in the world.

This collection has a chic mix of statement pieces with a plethora of techniques, all with the indelible NACHIKET BARVE stamp that have been put together. The philosophy of the NACHIKET BARVE label is making pieces that continue to stay timely and timeless; decadent statement items that become wardrobe collectibles over time to be re-visited and worn differently each time. As a truly stylish woman knows, labels and seasonal trends change, yet curated items collected over the years go on to build a wardrobe that’s definitely the object of desire and envy.

 WLIFW 2013 Spring Summer :Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta’s collection had an almost athletic, sporty vibe to it for me! Inspired by the smallness of mankind in relation to the universe it saw structured garments, transforming into loose flowy ones. There was a lot of white with pops of neon coral , yellow and lime green.

Press Note:Shocked by the magnanimity of the jungles of Sequoia, this collection is for the most part, a reaction to when we are shown how tiny we are. That we are but specks, but bubbles and atoms floating, is what this celebrates. It is between the reveling of our smallness and the infinity that lies within, this collection swings.

Georgette and cotton are the two main fabric stories woven in neon shades of orange, pink, green and blue. Repeat folds, double color layering, strict structuring transforming into flow are a few methods of construction the collection employs.

While one part of the story is edgeless, free falling without any tethers, the other is about restraint and the sensuality of being tied to a structure. This is a story of a few girls who love living in space and are now flying towards light at full speed.


 WLIFW 2013 Spring Summer :Dozakh 

Kartikeya and Isha- the  duo behind Dozakh are definitely two of the most creative and talented young designers iv seen in a long time, their studio in Hauz Khaz is a delight to explore! For WLIFW 2013 Spring Summer, there seemed to be an almost victorian influence on the dresses. There was a generous usage of lace, glitter and ruffles to give the collection a romantic vibe.

 WLIFW 2013 Spring Summer :Anupamaa

Anupama Dayal showcased her Nile & Kalinga Collection during fashion week- which focused on the color blue in various shades. She said her garments had an ‘easy chic’about them- designed to not make a woman conscious of her body shape. She also said that each garment could be worn as shown in the show or as seperates or in a mix and match form!

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