Fabindia Tea Tree Toner Review

Guest Post by Gurpreet

We have been hearing on the basic beauty mantra of CTM- cleansing, toning , moisturing from ages, but believe me I started following it up only from last year and was amazed with the beautiful results I have got. My first toner – Fab India Tea Tree Toner. To be frank, I got addicted to its fragrance which kept me using this religiously day and night. I am on my second bottle and thought it will be great to share my thoughts of the product with all of you.

Price: Rs 150 for 200 ml

My experience with Fab India Tea Tree Toner

Well it was some time last year that I stepped into Fab india stores for the first time.. I was waiting for my friend  and got to know that she is going to be late due to traffic. I decided to go and spend time in the Fab india stores near by.  All this while I was not aware that Fab india also dealt with skin products.. I liked the beautiful green solution which said Tea tree toner and bought it. The ingredients salic acid(known to lighten blemishes), turmeric and neem extract sounded good too.  Above all the cost was not causing a big hole in my pocket so I convinced myself to buy.

Some how I just kept waiting the entire day to reach home and open the bottle and try the toner. The bottle is a transparent one and enables us to see the quantity of product inside. The flip cap is quite convenient and dispenses the right quantity of the product hence avoids product wastage. The green coloured liquid is runny and smelt slightly of eucalyptus oil. When I applied I felt nice, it did not irritate my skin at all. It was the fragrance that  kept me coming back to it  and use it day and night. After religiously using it for 2 weeks I noticed that the white heads on my nose were disappearing.. I was not sure how.. but slowly I realized that it was my toner which is helping me with it. I was also experiencing a freshness on my  face and a nice glow. It suited my skin so well.  I haven’t used any toner yet.. I was thinking of trying a different toner once it gets over.. but I was so satisfied with this that I ended up buying another one

What I like about Fab India skin Tea tree toner:

1)      The fragrance is awesome

2)      Easily available and affordable

3)      Helps remove white heads to a great extent

4)      Packaging is good


What I don’t like about Fab India skin Tea tree toner:

Hardly anything.. I love it

 Verdict: A

Price: Rs 150 for 200 ml

Recommendation: The Fab India Tea Tree Toner is a great budget toner that provides immediate freshness to the skin and feels pleasant while on. I felt like it helped remove my white heads for some reason,  and i highly recommend!

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