Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil in Solid Black

Guest Post by Sktribal

There are many really good eye pencils for the upper lash line. In fact, most eyeliners fare somewhat well on the upper lash line (unless you have really oily lids). Finding a good eyeliner for the waterline, however, is usually a struggle. I have used a lot of traditional kajals as well as the Maybelline Colossal kajal but none of them fare that well on the waterline. The Colossal is by far the best of the ones I’ve tried till now. Getting the faces eye pencil was an impulse purchase. I was purchasing razors for my dad on an online shopping website but the final amount was too little to qualify for free shipping. So, I had to add something to my cart to avoid paying for shipping. I browsed around the website but couldn’t find anything I liked. I chanced upon the Faces cosmetics page and was looking at the eye pencil range when I realised I owned quite a few shades from the range. By then I was too bored and tired of looking for stuff to purchase so I randomly added this black eye pencil to my cart. I was a little apprehensive about the purchase because the reviews I’ve seen online of this shade were not very appealing. The swatches showed a really dull black but in reality it is a really smooth dark black pencil.

When I finally got my order, I swatched this pencil and was pleasantly surprised with the texture and colour. I tested it on the waterline and it goes on really smooth and intense in just one stroke. It is way better than the Colossal in this aspect. I have to really work the Colossal into my eyes with many strokes to get a smooth intense line. Faces Solid black doesn’t tug on the eyelids or sting the eyes. It’s like a traditional kajal but better. It also wears really long. I tested it on a day when my eyes were unusually watery. I applied it at around 2pm and when I checked at 7pm, the line had broken up a bit but the most of the colour and intensity was still there. I think it wears way better than the Colossal kajal and is probably more cost effective too.

The Colossal Kajal tube houses a short, tiny amount of the kajal whereas the Faces eye pencil is a full-length eyeliner/Kajal and will last you quite a while. I use this eye pencil almost exclusively for the waterline because I use gel liners for upper lash line. But for the purpose of this review, I tested the pencil on the upper lash line and it fares really well like all the other Faces long wear pencils I’ve tried. Overall, I’m really impressed with this eye pencil especially for its use as a kajal.
(In the pictures, I’ve compared the Faces pencil with Chambor jumbo kajal and Maybelline Colossal kajal. I’ve tested their resistance to water)

Rating: A+

Price: Rs 249

Overall Recommendation: This is an excellent black eye pencil from the Faces long wear eye pencil range that can be used on the upper lash line and waterline with excellent results. This particular shade, Solid Black seems to have been specially formulated for the waterline. I say this because I’ve tried using other shades from this range on the waterline and they aren’t as comfortable to wear as this one. I personally think that Solid Black is better value for money than the Colossal kajal and will last you much longer. This seems to be a highly underrated product but one that I’d highly recommend to all of you !

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