Forest Essentials Silkening Shower Wash Mashobra Wild Honey & Vanilla

By Guest Writer Priya 

These gentle washes have active ingredients to cleanse and exfoliate for silken and smooth skin. Among their purely natural ingredients are valuable rice protein oil and regenerative rice bran. The blends of real essential oils make these shower washes aroma therapeutic.

• Scented Soft Skin • Polished Sheen

The warm fragrance of real Vanilla blended with wild mountain Honey. The skin is left glistening, clean and hydrated.

My Views:

I love passing by Forest Essentials store whenever I am in the mall, I simply love the divine fragrance the store has and so I thought to treat myself with Forest Essential goodies. I have heard a lot good about their shower gels and bought it with a very expectation and it kind of did fulfil it. The packaging is quite simple & elegant – transparent bottle with their trademark golden colored cap. The shower gel is transparent and slightly runny than regular ones. Since, this is made of natural ingredients and contains no SLS it did not lather much but it cleanses really well, leaving skin hydrated and silky smooth. It does not dry out my already dry skin and I do not need to moisturize my skin immediately after stepping out of shower but eventually I do need some cream. For a single use, I need a cap full of gel and I prefer diluting it with water that way I avoid using excess product.

Most amazing thing about this shower gel is that it smells absolutely heavenly. The fragrance is lovely mixture of vanilla and rose and it completely fills up the shower room. The fragrance is to die for and I cannot help comparing it with The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Gel. Since, I have used both now I prefer using Forest Essentials shower gel’s just because of the fragrance which is more natural & organic than the Body Shop Spiced Vanilla’s gel. The fragrance of Forest Essentials Shower Gel is also very short lived and it fades away slowly. I really wish if the fragrance could last all day.


  1. Sturdy Packaging
  2. Hydrates the skin well
  3. Leaves the skin silky soft
  4. Fragrance is divine
  5. Made of natural ingredients



  1. It is a bit too expensive as the product will be used up faster
  2. It does not lather much
  3. Fragrance is short lived


Verdict: A

Price: Rs 675 for 200 ml

RecommendationI love everything about Forest Essentials Silkening Shower Wash Mashobra Wild Honey & Vanilla – its fragrance, how it makes my skin silky soft, keeps it hydrated and how it cleanses well! I really do not mind shedding few extra bucks for pampering myself. I highly recommend it if you want to divulge into pure herbal luxury. Do try out!


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