I had begun to think that my dream foundation was like a unicorn- didnt exist, and was only a figment of my imagination ! Everything i tried either looked great in person or great in photographs but never both. But thats until i started paying attention to a lot of Makeup Artist interviews.  There seemed to be one foundation that featured in 90% of MUA  favourite foundations list time and again and it was none other than the humble- Mac Face & Body Foundation. Intrigued, i hopped skipped and jumped to the Mac store only to find out that is infact a PRO product and is not available in the regular Indian Mac Stores. But, the makeup angel was smiling down at me because the Mac Face & Body Collection was in stores for a limited time and it had 50ml bottles of the Face & Body Foundation in it !!! Wooohoooooo!!!!!

The minute the MUA put this on my face, i fell hook, line and sinker for it and haven’t looked back. Infact now that i recall, this is the foundation used on me on my engagement! But why am i writing a love note to this bottle of  beige fluid?..Well ill give you five  seven reasons why i love Mac Face & Body:

  1. It is so lightweight and breathable on the skin, its one of the most comfortable foundations to wear!
  2. The coverage may seem like its sheer but is actually really good, which is surprising given how light this is.  One layer- its very sheer, two layers is ok, but three layers and you have solid coverage !!!! I know this is cateorised into a sheer foundation but its very buildable.
  3. It gives the most natural look to the face, inspite of being heavy coverage and does not in any way look cakey (Mac Studio Fix Fluid can look quite cakey sometimes)
  4. It lasts long (i advise you set this though if you have oily skin)
  5. Its a dream to apply, because it just melts into the skin and the liquid formula can as easily be blended by your hands as with a brush.
  6. It is a GORGEOUS foundation to click photos in. Iv never had good experience with any foundation when it comes to clicking with flash at night, and this one is just amazing. No white patches, no ghost look. Just great looking skin
  7. It gives a healthy, glowing glow. The finish is somewhat dewy but very very slightly so- so dont worry you wont look oily
  8. It has a squeezy tube kind of packaging which is easy to apply

Phew. Thats it ! The BEST foundation iv tried till now!! EEEeeee Im so excited iv finally found Mr.Right in Foundations !!!! You dont know how hard that is okay, finding a groom is easier i think!

I use a C2 in Mac Face and Body.  It seemed too light for me initially , but it just blended very well into the skin. This is limited edition right now so you should go buy it !

*mac face and body used on me! (This is after four hours by the way)

Verdict: A+

Availability: Its currently limited edition in India as part of the Face & Body Collection. But bigger sized bottles are available at Mac Pro Stores in the US.

Price: Rs 1600/- for 50 ml

Recommendation: Mac Face & Body foundation is my favourite foundation of all the ones iv tried till now. Not only does it look so natural and fresh, it gives good coverage (medium), photographs beautifully, doesnt dry out my skin, and blends like a dream. What more can you ask for? I just wish this were made permanent in India.

PS: BEST way to apply: apply thin layers one at a time, even if you think you cant see any difference. Get a foundation brush- this applied much better with a brush, and you will see the coverage getting heavier only after the first two layers.

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