Neha Dhupia Attended a Gillette Event dressed  in a sack. Or atleast thats what her suit resembled to me! The ultra wide legged pants could have looked super chic with maybe a well fitted vest, but that big mass of blue fabric all around her just did her no service.  Surprising, considering she is definitely one of the best dressed people in Bollywood usually.

Plus, given the slightly masculine look, she could have gone soft and pretty on her face like she usually does- but the ultra vampy lip and the dark eyes just added to the grimness. The eyeshadow just looked grey and ashy and the whole look was very ‘Morticia’ minus the sexiness.  If you like her vampy lipstick you could try Mac Smoked Purple lipstick. Malaika on the other hand showed off those legs in a pretty white dress.

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PS: If she were starring in a movie in this getup, the movie would be called ” The Revenge of the Evil Flight Attendant”  or something like that. :p

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