Nyx Rouge Cream Blush in Hot Pink Review

Is it just me or are wedding invitations  just producing babies and giving birth to more wedding invitations until the point where my side table can no longer see another shiny gold cardboard on it !!! What is up with so many people deciding to tie the knot within the span of 6 days??? Plus since i work late on most days, getting dressed for so many weddings in a week means scrambling into my anarkali in the office loo, have ten people look at you like yr a maniac, doing your makeup in the office mirror while others discuss important decisions about the company finances, and then running out like a fugitive lest someone at work see you all dressed up in that halter neck anarkali . It also means that you must have your attending-wedding makeup kit ready with you at all times-and the Nyx Rouge Cream Blush in Hot Pink has been my date to most wedding affairs!

Hot Pink blushes, can sometimes be treated like the equivalent of horror movies. I see girls making the same expression looking at a Hot pink blush, as they do when the serial killer in that horror movie runs towards the screen : Scared for their life! I just dont get it, hot pink blushes are literally my favourite kind of blushes specially for Indian skin tones. Try one- you will never go back. For one this Nyx Hot Pink Blush will show up on all skintones, and secondly it just gives the prettiest, candy pink flush on your cheeks ..like that pretty, innocent flush you get as a teenager when you are teased with random boys. (I hated that though- the teasing, not the flush).  If you missed out on Mac Supernova , you can give Nyx a twirl -they both give a similar color.

Nyx Cream Blushes: General Thoughts

Nyx Cream Blushes are usually super pigmented and this one is no different. What is slightly different is that usually i find them to be extremely creamy and blendable which is what makes them my favourite cream blush in the market, but somehow Hot Pink isnt as blendable as say Tea Rose which is slightly dissapointing. Longevity has always been an issue with these blushes, an that holds true here too. Overall though, its still a lovely blush to own, just make sure your fingers are ready to work o you have a stippling brush to do your dirty work for you!

Nyx Hot Pink Blush Swatch

Verdict: B+

Price: Rs 520/-

Recommendation: Nyx Hot Pink Cream Blush is a bright, hot pink in the pan but goes on a gorgeously pretty, poppy pink flush on the cheeks. Definitely one of my favourite colors for a pink cheek. Its a super pigmented blush, but could use improvement in the blendability and longevity department.

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