OPI Makes Men Blush and OPI Shes Golden Swatches & Review

He goes down on one knee, opens a little packaged box which reveals a stunning ascher cut solitaire ..and then he mutters the 4 words you have been waiting to hear “Will you marry me? “. “Yes “you say ecstaticly, “Ofcourse yesss !!!  You push out your hand , your head in a flurry of emotions so that he can slip that beautiful diamond on your fourth finger. He gently takes your hand in his and says ……. …”Ewwww” . Yes… “Ewww”, because lady if you are not prepared for such moments, you will have aweful chipped nailpolish on your fingers, or worse some totally unromantic color like black which just does not match with that ascher cut solitaire !! So to make sure these moments are special , OPI has an ‘Accessorize the Bride Kit’ which contains two soft nail polish shades to make sure your hands look great with that diamond on ;)

The colors may not be totally appropriate for an Indian bride (No pink, no orange, no red!!??), but it is a really nice kit if you are headed for a romantic date. Not only does it have two nail polish colors, but it also has two adorable baggage tags- use them on your honeymoon will you? The first nail polish shade is OPI Makes Men Blush, which is kind of like a My Nails But Better color- a soft, milky  peach. Its similar to Coney Island Cotton Candy, which is my favourite nude nailpolish of all time, but Coney Island is more peachier and this one is slightly more neutral looking. Also Cotton Candy is a creme finish while this is more of  a pearl finish.

The second shade is called She’s Golden, and she is not really golden but a metallic silver. Silver polishes can always tend to looks streaky if the consistency is poor, but in general OPI Shes Golden was not a pain to apply at all. Yes, streakier than other shades but not even close to how streaky silver nail polishes can get. Its a color, which kind of clashes against warm skintones, but i know cooler ones would probably rock this shade!

As all OPI’s, you need atleast 3 coats to opaque. Makes Men Blush requires 4 actually, but  Shes Golden you can get away with just two as well. Both of these are long lasting and chip resistant -the sole reason why i actually buy OPI is because it can get by 5 days without chipping -making it the ideal candidate for your wedding week or for your honeymoon!

Verdict: A-

Recommendation: OPI Accesorize the Bride Kit contains two pearlescent colors: Makes men Blush which is a soft, natural looking shade, and She’s Golden which is a metallic silver. I love the quality of OPI nailpolishes, even though they require layering- its hard to find a longer lasting nailpolish

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