So the Panel got together over……umm… i cant make up more stuff now, so ya, we got together over a BBM group to discuss Kajals that make us swooon!!!

I love Lancome Le Crayon Kohl Noir because it doesnt make my ultra sensitive eyes itch, it is super duper soft, intensely black and doesnt smudge as much. It doesnt last as long as Clinique Quickliner for eyes which can go on for about ten hours, but this isnt half as bad either !!!


Esha Says” Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner cos it doesnt smudge or budge  and its pretty pigmented so all you need is one or two strokes!!!”

Priyam says “Fav Kajal is Mac Smoulder and VLCC Kajal. Because they arent a pain in the ass to remove but also dont smudge too much”

Sanjana Says “My favourite kajal is Chambor ka kajal ! :p Its a bit expensive but i flicked it from my mom so its cool :p”

 In other news:

Priyam and Me are discussing how the Hippo Chips ad is so scary , yknow the way he says “Without Boooorddersss” and “Dont be hunngriiieeee“. *Shiver*. SCARY! MUmmaaa!

Sanjana is as usual, getting bored waiting for her architecture class to start. She hates college she says, but i know she secretly loves it :p .

Esha is busy with  her social life- getting movie star like hair do’s done at the parlour  (which by the way happened by accident by the parlour guy, and can never be re-created- he admitted it as well).

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