Yellowww girlsss !!  How has your Diwali been? Iv been internet-less for about two days now and its ANNOYINNGGG ! Ugh. Logging in from the random net connect to post this,  dont ask me why. Was just watching  X factor and saw this girl with big glittery red lips (by glittery i mean like GLITTER not shimmer) , and she was totally pulling it off ! So wondered what YOUR makeup style is, hers is definitely out there !

Okay i lied. The girl didnt make me wonder all this, i was just babbling about that randomly. The post has been in draft for weeks and i needed something to post. Hence.

Ta-da. My style: Soft eyes, soft lips- i am a soft-soft girl! If i came in a cone i would be called  a Softy (Eww, what a sad joke!)

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