Meet Rachita
A Mumbai Bride, with a ‘long distance’ love story and a cross cultural marriage! She shops across different cities to find her dream outfits!
Tell us about your love story: Our’s is a Love  Marriage. I’m a Punjabi and my husband is a Gujju Jain.The Storyis quite filmy with a lotta hardships and fun. We met through a common friend 8yrs back. Hit it off instantly, got onto chatting and exchanging msgs till wee hours in the mornings, chuckles and flirting. And slipped from being friends into a relationship. Not even a year, and Fenil (my husband) went to New York for pursuing his MBA. Having heard and told from every other person how tough long distance relationships are, we decided to take it slow, and see how far we get. A year later, I went to London for a masters, all the while, kept in touch, phone conversations, lots n lots of e-mails. He was in New York for 3yrs, I was in London for 2, and we were still together, even more assured of wanting to be with each other. I finished my studies and got back to Mumbai, a year later he got back as well. The transition from being in a relationship over e-mails and phone conversations to being together in person, was a little hard.  Then came the stage to convince our parents. Well, that was the toughest part. It took us a year to convince our families, the huge difference in culture was mainly what bothered both our parents,mine took longer than his. At the end, last year on 30th November 2011, we tied the knot. :))

Ooh Tell us about the Wedding!
The Parents agreed to do the wedding typical Punjabi style !My favourite event was the Sangeet  which was crazy amount of fun. As it was finally a product of all our dance practices and coordination. I was hooting away and cheering for all my friends and family, while I’m sure people must have thought what a crazy bride.

Fenil I performed on the title track from Tum Mile. (Editors Note: Me tooo!!!!)
So Where did you shop from??? 
 My sangeet outfit was from  Aza, Delhi. I had a picture in mind of what i wanted, but being on the heavier side  everyone thought i should go for something other than a Semi gown. After tons of hunting and rejecting ideas, we just went into Aza for a look, and that’s where i found exactly the outfit i had in mind, colors including. It fit like it was tailored especially for me. Price: Rs 40,000/-
My Wedding lehenga was initially from Jaipur, from Rana’s. But when i tried my lehenga the fit was a disaster and no amount of re-alteration could fix it. So 15 days before the wedding i was lehenga hunting again!!! My nightmare came to and end at Sushma’s in Juhu-Mumbai. Where Sushma Aunty (the lady who owns the store) was a darling and agreed to deliver my lehnga in a  weeks time. 7 days before my wedding, my lehnga was in my hand with a perfect fit. Price: Rs 1,50,000
My Wedding jewellery i bought from Jaipur


Makeup Artists ?
My make up artist for the sangeet was Sunil Patel. Absolutely loved his work, on makeup and hair. He kept it very natural and light, just the way I wanted to be.
For the Wedding, my make up and hair was done by Frida Mistry.


Who Shot the gorgeous photographs? While hunting for wedding photographers, a friend suggested Ramit Batra’s name. I saw his work online, and instantly fell in love with him.  I just knew he was the one I wanted to shoot my wedding. Anxiously, i sent him an e-mail and was on 7th heaven when he said his dates were free.
I am extremely ecstatic and ever grateful that Ramit and Salonee shot my wedding , NOBODY ELSE could have done better justice. My family, In laws and every person who’s seen the wedding pictures can’t stop praising his work. His professionalism and fun way of making the couple feel comfortable and at ease is exceptional. Also, I’ve found a friend in Ramit and Salonee.
He turns the most beautiful day of your life into a fairy tale with his magic.

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