Philosophy When Hope is Not Enough 

Guest Review by Pratha

Sigh… if only lifes problems could be solved by miracle potions in pint sized bottles, two drops on your forehead and ::poof:: stress is gone!! How sweet would the world be: D

Until my wishful thinking comes true…let me focus on the potion I do have at hand, ‘When hope is not enough’ by Philosophy. I was just thinking of using the acronym for the serum in this post just for ease of it and ::horrors:: it turned out to be ‘WHINE’.. haha such an irony!!

Anyways WHINE is essentially an anti-aging serum; and so it provides moisturization, counteracts aging by fighting the free radicals and restores the glow on your skin. The best part I like about serums is that they offer just the right amount of moisturization for my oily skin without adding any kind of shine to it. So, its nourishment and all the goodness of any good anti-aging crème in a light serum.

Why I think I need an anti-aging serum at this age!! Because I want to age gracefully and naturally like everyone says they want to… lol!! Sarcasm aside, I know and I’m sure you’ll agree that we all are aging everyday and more so for all the environmental factors we brave and the stresses of life we take on, lipglosses and mascaras in tow..

Serums are known to provide the highest quality of product purity and goodness and are definitely more potent than any anti-aging cream or lotion. Serums also go very easily under any kind of skincare regime you are using for your skin type, and hence is a very beneficial step to add.

WHINE is light and absorbs almost instantly into my skin. All I need are 4-5 drops to cover my full face and neck and also the back of my hands (yes, the skin here is also important and your hands are often most prone to show signs of aging like drying and pigmentation and yes..deepend lines!!) It’s completely non-oily and sans any kind of perfume so is excellent for sensitive skin too. The texture infact feels like that of a very watered down gel. It also spreads easily and hence 4-5 drops are sufficient.

I have been using it since the past 3 months but I won’t claim that WHINE has made me look years younger!!(if it does.. I’ll be back in my grad years ;) ) but yes, I feel that my skin has become smoother although I haven’t seen any visible reduction in the size of my pores (Thanks oily skin!!)

I ‘WHINE’ (wink wink) every morning and before going to bed.




Verdict: B

Price: 2250/- (since it was my first order with them so I also got a free CK lipgloss..making it a much better deal)

Will I be re-purchasing? Not needed, one bottle is going to last a good 6-7 months!!

Recommendatiton: Philosophy When Hope is Not Enough sufficies as an anti-aging serum right now when im in the latter part of my 20s.. I don’t know how effective it will be for more mature skin.

Editors Note: Love the woden flooring in the background! :p

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