Shisiedo The Skincare Night Moisture Recharge (Regular) Review

I wonder if Night creams existed when the “Sleeping Beauty” was written , and whether the “Radiant Beauty”that the Prince saw on the Princess’es face was because of an effective night lotion she used before she went into her 100 year slumber. (Though it would have to be  SOME night cream to last a 100 years huh????). Well, disney stories aside, if there is one product i can claim to turn me into Sleeping Beauty (not because it makes me sleep- only antibiotics do that, but because it wakes me up more beautiful than usual) its the Shiseido Night Moisture Recharge Cream.

Here is how the story of this cream goes. I first tried this out, when i received this in my Blisscovered box as a sample (Where did the Blisscovered people dissapear by the way?) . I absolutely fell in love with it, but after about two weeks of use i lost my sample sized bottle somewhere on one of my many pre-wedding Hyderabad trips . Then i switched to using my Forest Essentials Sesame Oil as a substitute for a night cream. Until the boy was like ewwww- im not sleeping next to a person who smells of sesame seeds with a face seeped in oil :p Ick.  There goes the romance out of our relationship!! So after much deliberation i indulged and bought myself the Shiseido Night Cream !! I admit, the boy had a bit of a shocker when i told him the price but whenever he over-reacts about the price now all i say is – Remember the sesame oillll? That scares him into agreeing this is totally worth it ! :p

I didnt know then, but there are three variants in this- Light, Regular, and Enriched. The Enriched one is absolutely divine and if you have super dry skin then you NEED the Enriched one in your life. I just got the Regular one to test out and this is great too !!! I love how a tiny drop is so emollient and spreads all across my face and neck-it just glides and slips with total ease. I also love how it completely hydrates and moisturizes my skin, without me feeling like im wearing anything- its really so feathery and light on the skin. WHen i wake up, i definitely dont feel like my skin is stretched and dry, but it has this nice radiance and suppleness to it which i can only attribute to Shiseido! It might seem exorbitant but thats a really big bottle you get there so it will last you atleast 6 months . My only regret is not having bought the enriched one- now that winters are approaching!!

Left: Before Shiseido Night Cream, Right: After

Verdict: A+ (The enriched version is A+++ for me)

Price : Rs 1800 for 75 ml  (Available in Light, Regular and Enriched)

Recommendation: The Shiseido Night Moisture Recharge Cream has got to be the BEST night cream i have used till date. It keeps my skin so soft, supple and moisturized and i wake up with a certain silkiness and radiance  to my skin that cant be missed. I honestly love the Enriched version so if you have dry skin you should probably get that, but the regular one is pretty great too ! Yes its expensive but you can use it over six  months even with daily use so its worth it!

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