Coconut Oils have really suited up over the years! Gone are the days of the  geeky coconut oil- rather fowl smelling sticky variant that would be incomplete without the ” two braids and ribbon” hair look  . Enter the suave,  sleek , handsome version of coconut oils- non sticky, smelling pleasant and looking rather dapper in a clear bottle with green detailing-The Body Shop  Rainforest Coconut Oil is definitely The Generations Y of  deep conditioning !

Body Shop Claims ” This luxuriously silky oil melts effortlessly into your hair creating the perfect overnight, leave-in, pre-wash treatment or the optimal nourishing accompaniment to scalp massage.

  • Reveals hair that is strong, soft, shiny with a healthy scalp.
  • Light fragrance
  • Certified with Eco-Conscious Standards
  • Paraben Free, Solicone Free, Colourant Free” 

Since im not much of a hair oil buff (Blame my mom for not inculcating good oiling habits in me) Ill just jump to the pros and cons of this one:


  • It really does deep condition the scalp leaving the hair soft and shiney after the wash.
  • I LOVE that it doesnt smell like usual coconut oil, but smells a  bit like cocoa butter- just a bit more coconutty
  • It also is not sticky or greasy like other coconut oils- its really light on the scalp yet still manages to provide moisture
  • It also seeps really well into the skin, i feel like it gets absorbed much easier than other oils that tend to just sit on the scalp
  • Its Paraben and Silicone Free.


  • I have to wash really well to get this out of my scalp- like i need to make sure iv shampooed 2-3 times to get all of the oil out.


Verdict: A

Recommendation: If you are someone who regularly oils their hair and are on the lookout for a fab new hair oil that not only deep conditions but also is light, absorbant and pleasant smelling then the Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Oil will not dissapoint.

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