Diwali is just around the corner, and you can literally smell the festivity in the air (Well actually, im on a trip to Hyderabad and since Diwali isnt such a big deal here all i can smell is biryani). Its the perfect excuse to bring out those fancy clothes, those shiney baubles, spend some quality time with your families, make sure your house is twinkling, and celebrate that warm, fuzzy feeling with the slight nip in the air that a Delhi Diwali brings. Sigh. My favourite festival of the year :) . So this weeks lust list is festive inspired , hope you enjoy it !

1. Peach and Lime Green Chikankari Anarkali: Fell Head over heels in love with this MM Anarkali when i sourced it for a client. It is beyond gorgeous in real life- the price is not so pretty at 1.5 lakhs but just the color makes me swoon. It looks so great against Sonakshi’s skin tone as well dont you think?

2. Sana Safinaz Pret Line: Huge fan of Pakistani Designer Sana Safinaz Pret Collection. I just love the silhouettes and the pastel colors they combine. They are so unique and somewhat different from India with beautiful intricate hand embroidery!

3.HSY Black and White Ombre Outfit: Yet another Pakistani Designer HSY making it to the list. Sure, exorbitantly priced but absolutely stunning outfits with unusal colors and great aesthetics.

4. Ganjam Jewellers Nizam Collection: I like diamond sets in small doses, so this Piece with a gorgeous center pendant with diamonds and rubies is perfect against those cool white pearls on the side. Iv been lemming for something like this for agesss. Waiting for the next person in the family to get married so i have an excuse to buy. On a side note though, the Ganjam  Nizam Collection is absolutely gorgeous!

5.LovetoBag Clutch: Yet another Lovetobag clutch im in love with, They actually have an orange and turquoise variant of this which is my favourite but since i couldnt find a good enough photo of that one, this black one is pretty too

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