So the panel sat around a round table, sipping warm cappucino’s (by the way the Hazelnut coffee in Barista is amazing) and discussed the life changing question of which bright lipsticks suit their skintone !!! Here is what we answered:

I say “I  absolutely love Mac Speak Louder  Lipstick for a bright pink. Its the perfect pink for me, not neon but still bright ! I also love Colorbar  Take Me as i Am Flirtatious Pink  which is a really nice coral-pink kind of a color. I dont have a perfect red though, some people say COlorbar Velvet Matte Over the top looks reddish on me and i love that as well”

Esha Says “I love Mac Chatterbox Lipstick for a bright pink , and Mac Ravishing Lipstick for a nice peachy orange” (Editors Note: I think Chatterbox is a must buy for lighter skintones, its just SO pretty on  fair girls!)

Priyam says ” Inglot Lipstick 103 is the  perfect, perfect  coral lipstick for my skintone but i also Revlon Colorburst Lip butter in LOllipop  which is a nice purple-pink on me which is bright. ”

Sanjana SaysMac Russian Red is my saviour. The number of conversations iv had in the ladies room with total strangers over my lip color in this shade is absolutely ridiculous. Its expensive, but i kind of took it from moms cupboard when she wasnt looking so its okay! ”

Random Banter Amongst Panelists:

Priyam for some reason decided to watch Aiyyaa on television and then grumble about how absolutely horrendous a movie it is to me. Sanjana recently got gifted a ton of mac products from  me for designing the P & B logo so shes in makeup wonderland (Thats what i do, i pay people in makeup haha) . Esha is yet again attending a close wedding in a different town, and living it up this festive season :p

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