You gotta love those chubby little sticks with pudgy behindss!!! Cliniques Chubby sticks are totally adorable (only to look at though), and here are 7 of them swatched below. I think i got all the good colors anyway, unless you are into deep purples and stuff you know.

Clinique Chubby Stick Swatches

 I bought myself Oversized Orange. First thoughts-theyr cute to hold, but on my pigmented lips i would want a tiny bit more color. Theyr really sheer on the lips- so like a very very sheer, barely there tinted balm. I think Chunky Cherry is a bit more pigmented. You know what i really wanna try though? The Chubby Stick Intense!!! Theyr like medium pigmented and quite moisturizing like these. I also bought the CLinique Everyday Age Protect moisturizer-just wanted a nice day cream with SPF and just the slightest bit of anti ageinng properties….the SA recommended this!

Let me get through some more wear time with these and ill let you know what i think!

Which ones are you eyeing?


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