Colorbar Single Eye shadow in Spicy Brown Swatches & Review

Guest Post by Sktribal

I recently took a class at Alliance Francaise and noticed a lot of my girl friends b****ing about our receptionist who wore colourful eye makeup every day.  It was like Monday-dark green eyes, Tuesday-pink eye shadow and so on. I, personally, was very happy to find someone who actually wore makeup beyond kajal. Heck, it’s so difficult to find girls my age who even wear mascara but obviously my less makeup-obsessed friends didn’t share my views. Anyway, the same day that the girls made fun of the receptionist, I was wearing this Colorbar eye shadow which is a little bold even for a neutral. When I heard the comment about the receptionist’s makeup, I got a little conscious and wondered what they were saying about me behind my back. Later in the day, as we were all leaving for home, I was walking with a friend (the one that said the mean things about the receptionist) when she looked at me and said, “You wearing a new eye shadow?” I said, “Ya, kinda. Why, is it too much?” She said, “No, it looks really good on you. It’s such a pretty brown; you should wear it more often.” So, that’s kind of how I realised that people don’t think of neutral makeup (however bold or dark) as trashy or ‘’too much”. Those titles are relegated to the bright rainbow of colours that we all! ;)

Spicy brown is a beautiful, rich, medium-dark shimmery brown with a red sheen that only shows up on the eyes. It looks really pretty on the eyes and the red makes brown eyes pop. It’s a twist on the plain ol’ boring brown eye shadow. It is totally unique and an affordable neutral to add to your collection. The eye shadow is really smooth and till date, I haven’t experienced any fall out. The shadow is packaged in a plastic container that is sturdy enough for most practical purposes. The bottom of the container opens up to reveal a sponge-tip applicator which is pretty useful for emergencies when you don’t have any brushes on hand. The shadow applies smoothly and lasts for a long time even without a primer. On my non-oily but sweat-prone lids, it lasted almost an entire day with a bit of fading. Oily-skinned girls will have to use a primer with this. Priced at Rs 300, it is definitely easy on the pocket and a stellar product from Colorbar. Love it!

Rating: A

Price: Rs300

Final Recommendation: Colorbar Single Eyeshadow in Spicy Brown is a  beautiful dark shimmery reddish brown eye shadow. It is a really pretty colour and a must have for everyone especially brown-eyed girls. Come on, you know we can never have too many neutral eye shadows, right? ;)

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